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Bleeding nipple!? Help!

Hiya, I think the title is pretty self explanatory, but basically, this is my first pregnancy so everything wierd my body decides to do freaks me out a bit at first. I'm nearly 28 weeks and have been producing colostrum since about week 21. I wear breast pads to prevent it leaking through my clothes at work. Tonight as I was getting ready for a bath, I noticed my right breast pad had a patch of red/pink blood mixed in with the milk. Is this normal or should I be calling my midwife? I've suffered no trauma to my breasts, and while in the bath I gently massaged my boob to produce a little more milk, and there was no sign of any more blood. My next midwife appointment is in two days, so I'll bring it up with her then, but in the meanwhile, is this just a pregnancy thing or should I be concerned? Thanks. X

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You mentioned you have a midwife appointment coming up in the next few days. It's worth raising the question " i think a VERY good question" & see what advice she can give. I never heard of this happening myself but do you in general have a big bust area that could have a play in the symtoms.


I'm definetly going to bring it up at the appointment, and as for my boobs, I've always been petite in size, except for my chest, I was a D, and by week 14 I'd had to go to M and S and get re-measured and now I'm an E/F with the same little back band!!! :O (I hope they go back down!) they've grown a little more since then, but not recently, and I'm only wearing maternity bras since being measured as that's what the woman suggested. I just can't figure out what's going on. I hope it's just one of the joys of pregnancy no one tells you about!


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