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When did you first feel your baby move? 17+3 weeks and not sure...

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Hi all,

A quick question about baby movement - i think i started feeling 'butterflies' quite early - about 11-12 weeks, and i was hoping they will get stronger and i will be able to feel it more. I am now just over 17 weeks and I don't feel more or better - just occasional 'bubble', maybe once or twice a day.

When did you first start feeling first 'strong' movement? I have read it's still early for me but I would like some reassurance please! thank you!

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I felt the occasional twitch butterfly at 14 weeks, but by 17 weeks I felt a tiny movement evenings mainly when I laid down and early morning, now I'm 24 weeks tomorrow and I feel him morning, night and a little bit during the day, and its kicks and turns I feel, also some movements feel like bubbles popping! My placenta is at the front so some movement is cushioned:) also sometimes he kicks sooo hard it takes my breath away lol. They say by week 28 baby is regularly moving in a routine and can be felt nearly all the time.

Don't worry I felt just like this, I think I was around 19 weeks when the butterflies were more frequent and then I felt it kicking just before my 20 week scan, I am now 27 weeks and baba keeps me awake all night and loves to do somersaults so much it makes me sick. It will happen in your own time, best bit was when hubby could feel it too, as baba loves his voice!

17 weeks for definite punches/kicks! From abot 14 weeks for random flutterings!

Talk to your baby more & i agree with the other comment made the baby usually loves the voice of it's dad (not sure why) but talking can sometimes get reactions & movements.

thank you all x

I'm now 21 weeks, and have not really felt anything, went for my scan yesterday and my placenta is at the front! So I won't feel anything until baby gets bigger and stronger! I had convinced myself around 16 weeks I could feel it but kind of realised that it was not baby! I have been feeling a little something over the past week which did feel different, but one thing is for sure which was confirmed by scan, baby is using my bladder as a trampoline as its feet down right on my bladder! And also this is my first so more likely to feel movement later! X

I couldn't feel anything really until week 23/4, it was the placenta thing with me too x

With first I felt flutters at 15 weeks and proper movements at about 10 weeks but this time I feel flutters and the occasional jerks/kicks at 13 weeks.

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