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I've already been asked for at least one copy of the dating scan photo (I'm not really sure why people want a photo that looks like snow over the Grampians, besides the proud parents to be, of course!). This has made me realise I have no idea how they do it these days! Do you get one printed out photo, or has the NHS gone all modern and they'll email a jpeg to you?!


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  • You generally have to pay for them. At my hospital they charged £5 for 2 photos. I got a couple and then photocopied for grandparents.

  • It's £6 a photo at the hospital I'm booked at... But I locum there fairly regularly and email myself the jpegs :-p

  • You get a print out, pay five pounds, but don't laminate them :)

  • Hi, I had to pay a 'donation' of £2 and then when I got to my partners parents house we scanned and reprinted for those who wanted it &saved it as a jpeg. But we only did this when I had a scan at 32 weeks and could clearly say baby.

  • Hi you have to buy the tokens from the hospital generaly they will tell you this in your confirmation letter for the scan date. Up here at the RVI in newcastle were I am booked in at it cost £3 per token which is then exchanged at the end for the scan pics the sonographer generaly takes the tokens off you and then counts how many you have but it all depends on which hospital your booked in at and how they run if your unsure why not ring the hospitals ultra sound department reception and find out if there is a charge and how much and what heppens before you go so you know to have the correct amount.

  • Thanks everyone! There's nothing in my letter for the appointment to say how they do it, but I suspect I need to pay something and then scan it, as most of you have suggested. The Newcastle token system sounds very beer tokens...but not!

    And JellyB, I am a little perplexed by the request I've had already, waiting until you can actually see a baby makes more sense for sure! I can imagine the conversation now, me, "thats its foot!" Mother in law, "are you sure? that looks like a nose to me!" me, "how the hell should I know, it all looks like a snowstorm over the Grampians to me!". But whatever makes the in laws happy I suppose! X

  • Ha ha ha! Snow on the grampians! I was actually quite suprised at how clear my first scan was! Must have been because I had a full bladder, well actually I permanently feel like I have a full bladder lol! At my hospital its 4 quid for a photo, pop the money in the machine and a card pops out per qty required but they also have a card payment machine too! Very hi tech! So I got a few photos for first scan. (They take a few pictures and you can pic which you would like) but just went for my second scan and that picture was really good too but I only got the one this time! Just for me! I'd suggest doing as others have and copying them at home! Good luck with your pregnancy and take care! Xx

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