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3 weeks After Ovulation Need Help

Hello, I am new UK and do not know the system in here. My LMP was 12 th January. However, my ovulation date was 10 th February since I used Cipraex my periods gets longer than the normal. As a result, I am 3 weeks after my ovulation got the positive test. I want to GP and she told me midwife will call me between my 8 and 12 weeks. Now I am 7 weeks according to my LMP. Midwife will call me according to 7 weeks but my ovulation was approximately 12 days late which means now I am around 5 weeks. My questions are

1- Will my first appointment with midwife or in hospital contain scan abdominal or vaginal?

2- Will they decide my week certainly?

3- Could you tell me your first appointment, about the tests?

4- Should I wait until the mentioned weeks to confirm my pregnancy?

Thank you

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Also when can I see the heart beat and if my weeks is early and could not see the heart beat what happens next???


You can see the heart beating at your 12 week scan and hear the sound at your midwife appointments much later on in your pregnancy via doppler. Seeing the little flicker of your baby's heart beating is so magical... I found it overwhelming to actually hear my baby's heart beating... I marvel every time I hear it at appointments! :)


Hi there, congratulations on your pregnancy.

I can only use my experience as a benchmark really as different primary care trusts do things differently. I saw my midwife for the first time at approximately 8 weeks. She took lots of information from me and established a due date from my last menstrual period, it's called a booking in appointment I believe. For me there was no scan at this appointment but arrangements for the 12 week scan were made (which tends to be at your local hospital and done abdominally)

They estimate your due date at your booking in appointment.

I can't quite remember if I had bloods done at the first appointment or not! Really sorry, I think they might have done! They test to make sure you are healthy, to investigate your iron levels, determine your blood group and to find out if you have HIV or any other issue which might effect the care you will need throughout the pregnancy.

I believed my pregnancy to be confirmed on the basis of the pregnancy tests I took that weren't done at the doctors.

Once you have had your 12 week scan (called the dating scan) a more accurate date can be decided upon as the measurements of your baby will dictate a clearer picture of when you can expect your baby to be born.

It's exciting times being pregnant! I wish you the very best with it all and hope the above is of some help!



Thank you very much for you reply. 12 weeks seems little late for me to see the heart beat. The system is here really different. In my country starting from 6 weeks you the heart beat and confirm the pregnancy..

Thank you again it helped so much...



I had my first midwife appt at just under 10 weeks. It depends on where you live and/or where you chose to have the baby. I'm in London, and I've chosen a hospital with a midwife led unit attached. I referred myself, instead of going through the GP, but your GP can tell you what your choices are for your area and sometimes, they need to refer you themselves.

They do ascertain your due date based on the date of the first day of your last period and then how long your cycle normally is. This is an approximate until you have your dating scan at approx 12 weeks. My pregnancy was confirmed as soon as I saw my GP, which is who you usually see first, although in some areas, you can go straight to a midwifery clinic.

I had to give a urine sample and loads of blood. They take your blood pressure & blood sugar levels too. for the blood tests, they test to make sure your vaccinations are up to date, look for HIV & syphillis, what your blood group is and probably a few other things i cant remember now! They just ask you lots of questions about your health, family history, etc. it takes about an hour in total. You don't have any scans at this appointment. If you are concerned, you can book a private scan at 6 weeks, but this obviously costs money.

I'm assuming you've explained you're situation to your GP & they have done a rough working out if your due date & how far along you are. It also sounds like you're GP has referred you to a midwife, as you've been told to expect a call. So all sounds in hand, I wouldn't worry too much! If you a unsure, then I would ring your GP to clarify, that's what they are there for!

Good luck!


Thank you very much you wrote evrything in detailed. I live in London, Watford I did not know the system sice I moved here 3 months ago. I went to my GP directly I hope midwife will call me. According to LMP I am 7 weeks 1 day now so I hope modwife will call me during this week. I am not worrying but it is weird that when you and say I think I am pregnant the GP says if you tell so you are pregnant. They do not confirm anything the system seems weird to me :)

Good luck to you..


Well I guess they presume you took the test right! And you can only have a positive result if there pregnancy hormones are present, and you can only have the pregnancy hormones if...your pregnant! So all sounds well. Hope you hear from the midwife soon and good luck!


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