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Am I pregnant?

I've been having unprotected sex since September and in October I had a normal period started on the 10th and lasted 6-7 days of heavy bleeding then in November I had a very light period that lasted 3-4 days and that started on the 14th and the same happened in December and January but in February I started bleeding on the 10th it lasted 3 days and it was only spotting on my pad but when I wiped there was a lot of blood on the tissue. I've been feeling sick every day,gone of a lot of food&fizzy,have bad pains in the lower part of my back, my boobs have got bigger, I feel tired all the time, I've been emotional and cried for no reason, I've had bad belly cramps near my belly button and on the left side of my stomach! I have taken 3 pregnancy tests one came up with nothing the 2nd came up negitive and the 3rd came up positive but the positive line was very faint and had gone by the morning!

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If you got a positive then u are pregnant, don't look at the test after 10 minutes coz sometimes the positive line will not be there or an evap line appears.

The best thing to do now is wait two days so your hcg levels will have doubled then test using the clear blue with conception indicator this will tell u how many weeks you are, so if it say 1-2 weeks you add on two week, coz they take your pregnancy from the first day of your period. So u would be four weeks max!

Test in the morning only as this is the most strongest urine.

Good luck x


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