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Basically over a month again me and my partner has sex on many occasions

A week later I came on for a day but it was really light, then it stopped obviously we then had sex, then the following day the spotting was back this carried on for nearly 2 weeks

Now I feel nausea throughout the day, suffer with headaches, my boobs are really sensitive and my belly always feels bloated

Do you think I could be pregnant?

I'd love to be so don't want to do a test yet and not be

Anyone got any tips on best time to try if it turns out I'm not?

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You need to know your ovulation day, if you do not then get the clear blue fertility strips and they will tell you when your are at the most fertile and likely to conceive. If you don't know then its a guessing game and takes longer to conceive unless you have see every other day:)

Spotting is a good sign of implantation but normally for two days in a row, not two weeks! But you may have conceived and its just your uterus being sensitive after sex due to extra blood flow in pregnancy.

Try to remember the first day you had sex this month count 14 days from this day and do a test, if negative test every two days till your period arrives or not! Good luck x


Hello. It does sound like you could be. I would do a clear blue test or see your dr asap - if test is pos u will have to e dr anyway. I'd take these steps first. Look after yourself.


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