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Could I be pregnant?

I've been having unprotected sex since September and in October I had a normal period started on the 10th and lasted 6-7 days of heavy bleeding, in November I had a very light period that lasted 3-4 days and that didnt start until the 14th the same happened in December&january but this month(February) I started bleeding on the 10th and it lasted 3 days and it was only spotting on my pad but when i wiped there was quite alot of blood on the tissue. I've been feeling very sick gone of a lot of food and fizzy have bad back ache my boobs have got bigger I feel tired all the time been getting belly cramps near my belly button and on the left side of my stomach! I have taken 2 pregnancy tests on came up with two lines but the positive line was very faint and had gone in the morning and then I took another one and that came out negative /:

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i did 9 tests some cheapo ones some clear blue digital and one clear blue not digital, got faint lines on most as i was rather early when i tested but the clear blue told me straight away i was pregnant, i had a negative one after some postive ones. I'll tell you what people told me a faint line is still a line the negative one could be that you are very early and the hormones wernt detected. Also after so long you are suppost to disgard the result if it may have changed so the following morning would be invalid.

The best thing i can recommend is clear blue digital that way you will know either way for sure

best of luck

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