Hi everyone :) this week has been strange... im 24 weeks and with my history im used to being emotional, worried and nervous all at once but this week has been different. Im so emotional :( i feel fine except for heartburn 24/7 and my wee baby is doing well so i cant figure out why i cant sit through an episode of criminal minds without crying throughout.. or why i burst into tears if my pasta isnt cooking quick enough.. i know its hormones but this is a happy time in my life and people keep asking if im coping as i constantly have watery eyes.. which is anoying because im over the moon, i wish i could tell them how happy i am but i cant get the words out without being a blubbering mess :) please tell me im not the only one :)


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  • You're definitely not the only one :) When I was 22 weeks, my Mum and I did some baby shopping, and my Mum bought an adorable musical pull toy. When she tested it in the store to see what song it played, I burst in tears. Or: Dating show on TV - after 10 minutes I'm starting to cry and am unable to stop for about an hour because I feel so sorry for the participants :D

    Luckily, this stopped when I entered the third trimester, and I can say the memory about how emotional I felt is already fading. I remember many funny episodes where I shocked my friends and colleagues with my outbursts, but all in all, I'd say I was very happy even then. Must be the hormones blurring my memory ;)

  • :) sorry that you have felt the same way as i do but im glad to hear it at the same time.. thought i was going mad :( hopefully it passes with time. I was at the xfactor tour last night with my daughter and one of the contestants was singing a song dedicated to her granda.. everyone around us was dancing and cheering and i stood there crying my eyes out for the whole 3 minutes :/ the looks i got :) ohh the joys of pregnancy :) at least im not alone :)

  • I think you'll reach a point where you can laugh about it, too.

    Ooooh, I know another good one: My husband and me having a romantic dinner in a restaurant with live music. An elderly lady a few tables away was celebrating her birthday with her husband, the staff brought in a table firework and the band played Happy Birthday. Everybody was cheering - except for me, I was trying to fight back tears. My husband asked me if I was crying, and I completely lost control and howled "Nooooooooo, why would I cry? There is absolutely no reason to cry!" Oh, the shame, the shame... :D

  • I'm 23 weeks and have cried alot this week over everything! Definitely hormones lol

  • I am like that and am only 12 weeks, I cried last week coz I was at work and just wanted to go home and the other day as am struggling abit with food right now and I cried coz I couldn't eat dinner, u will never b the only one! x

  • thanks girls :) i guess those dreaded hormones play up no matter what stage in pregnancy :( this week has been a strange one.. usually im emotional for a reason lol. thanks for your comments xx

  • Hi Ashy2005. Please don't worry, I've always been an emotional person myself but now it's just ridiculous!! I actually spend most of the sobbing through Greys Anatomy or a nature program if an animal is getting hurt and I swear to you I bust into tears the other day just sat in the car on the way to work!! No reason for it, just sat there and started crying.

    Make the most of it, it's the one time we can do this without people thinking we're totally crazy!! :-) x

  • Thanks :) That's very true :) oh no I'm the same, started to cry driving home from work had to pull over and get myself together :-/ and its all for no reason.. hoping it is just this stage and that it passes sooner than later :) iv my best friends wedding coming up... I'll be blubbering all over my dress :) xxx

  • advising you to seek for help with your emotions as it may reflect on your baby.simply go to your GP,they may refer you to a perinatal.i was like this with my first pregnancy and my baby was crying too much for unknown reasons every day since he was a born.if it was normal for babies to sleep 20 hours and awake 4 hours,mine was sleeping 4 hours and awake 20 hours getting blue by screaming all d time

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