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Baby bonding!

Few days back I was cribbing that I am not feeling pregnant at all and I do not feel anything about the baby yet.

I am in my 20th week now - still not feeling pregnant - rather more active and happy as i said before - but I have started to feel like a mommy in small proportions - Although I still want to have a baby girl (a little me) and I still have no clue what would i do if i get a baby boy (I mean they dont wear cute tutu net skirts or need lovely clips and flowers in their hair and they dont even insist on nail-paints or lipsticks lest spoiling them)

last weekend was rather amazing, it was my birthday so we decided to go to ISKCON (Its the International Society for Krsna Consciousness) the day was filled with lots of holy chants and singing and spiritual talks - I felt that the baby is listening too ( and that is one of the reason we planned it) - It was the first time for my husband to go for a spiritual weekend get away (he is so Dutch :P) and I could see him running around like a kid - he was I think more happier that he can possibly say.

My husband is not too good at expressing by words (cave-man I know). But if he is happy, or sad or emotional or feeling sensitive etc I get to know it through his eyes and body language (and many a times I have to feed him the words so that he can verbally express himself)

I was feeling little concerned as to how would he be able to express love to a little child, who would probably need more talking and tell and re-assuring than I do - and something nice happened - suddenly my hubby wanted to talk to my belly - he started this whole process by caressing my bump for couple of days (till probably he actually got the feeling of being a dad) and than before I could realize it even, he was already talking to my belly and today morning like all the excited dad's he actually went on to put his ear on my bump to see if he can hear the baby.... that was sooo adorable ! :D

And yup since last some days I am also feeling more confident about raising babies .... we are in more than one way ready to welcome our bundle of joy in few months :)

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My partner is very cute about my bump. He was quite dishearten at first that whenever baby kicked he'd miss it, or baby would stop until he removed his hand. Especially since my mam and sister had both felt him move. He was keen to feel, and talk to baby, but I think it annoyed him he never caught the right moment.

It was only last week as we we're sat chatting he finally saw baby move! I laid down on the sofa to get comfy and told him to just watch my belly while talking to me, and sure enough baby also got comfy! His face was a picture! And it was so nice to finally be able to share that experience with him. As I don't think my being pregnant felt as real to him as it did to me.

It's so wonderful the joy a baby can bring, even before they've arrived! Take care x


That is such a lovely story! I think our husbands/partners will surprise us more than once during this whole process... We'll see a completely new side on them (at least those of us who are expecting their first child), and I'm very excited about this. I think being a dad for the first time is just as overwhelming as being a mum, and I am really looking forward to us doing this together :)

All the best to you! xx


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