This Time Tomorrow We'll Know If Our Baby Is In The Right Place :-/

I'm 6 weeks pregnant now after having a reversal sterilisation in December and falling pregnant on our first go!

But the risk of having an ectopic pregnancy after a reversal is greater and I have to have an early scan.

I found this out a week a go and it's been the longest most awful week of my life!! I so badly want to get excited about this baby and start planning but every time I think about it I think it could be a waste of time as it may be in the wrong place and we'll have to get rid of it and start again! :-(

My partner has been very positive bless him and says that we've beaten bigger odds so far and we'll beat this one as well. I hope he's right.

I keep trying to convince myself that if I was having an ectopic then surely I'd know by know as I don't seem to be having any signs. But it could also still be very early days.

We'll know in 24 hours!!


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3 Replies

  • Wow I can hear how nervous you are. I'm sure u would know that something was wrong, as I said before my cousin was in mega pain!

    Good luck for tomorrow, make sure u update us x

  • It's driving me crazy!! I honestly think this week has been the worst ever!! I just need to get tomorrow out of the way and I can relax.

    Thank you so much for your support, I'm hoping you're right about knowing by now if anything was up. I don't feel any of the signs and feel very pregnant, but who knows?

    I shall let you know tomorrow.

    Fingers and toes crossed.


  • Good luck for today hunni. X

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