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I think ive had a misscarriage, confused??!!

3 weeks ago i did a test that was positive, i had a couple of days bleeding not heavy but not light, with a few clots, i did another test this morning and it was negative, the only thing is i still feel pregnant?? Ive been to see my GP and all she said was repeat the test friday morning.. I have had 2previous misscarriages and this is so different compared to the others.. My own body has confused me??!! Has anyone else experianced this? I dont seem to have much luck with keeping pregnancies :(

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Hi Naomi.my doc told me if someone had a miscarriage the test will show positive for even one month.i think the best is to go for an early scan.how far you think you are?i've had a laparoscopy done when i was 7weeks cos they thought its cornual ectopic.it wasnt but i was at high risk of miscarrying.they checked my blood for hormon level but they told me sometimes it could show low level so best is to do the scan and they were right.i heard strong heartbeat.but since then i've had a 3episodes of bleeding and i've lost loads of blood.thank God scan showed baby was ok and they dont know why it happened.but what my doctor said was that many women bleed through their pregnancy and i could be one of them.maybe you are the same?the bleeding could be from

implantation if its early.it sounds scary but i do hope everything will be ok.i wish you all the best and fingers crossed.xx


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