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After 2 miscarriages I am now 7 weeks pregnant. But constant pains like period pains are making me a nervous wreck.

From my last period it works out i'm 7 weeks pregnant.

With two previous miscarriages I just feel on edge all the time and refuse to tell anybody I'm pregnant.

I feel like I'm spoiling it for my very excited husband who wants to tell everybody.

I saw my dr two weeks ago but am still awaiting contact about any antenatal care.

I am very excited but I'm also so frightened I will lose this baby aswell :(

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Hun I understand how u feel I had a m/c at 7.5 weeks we was so devastated.

Now I'm happily 23 weeks, expecting a little boy:)

Thing is at the beginning I was sooooooo nervous on edge, emotional kept thinking the worst, I booked myself in for private scans to reassure me till my 12 week scan, this helped alot.

All I can say is hang on in there, push your negative thoughts out of your head as much as possible.

I now take baby asprin 75mg per day which has Been proven to reduce miscarriage, I'm not a doc so I advise you to research this, my sister who has just had a baby on ivf was also put on baby asprin for her whole pregnancy!

Good luckx


Thank you so much. I will have a read into that.

Wow 23 weeks, I can't wait to be that far into my pregnancy. Congratulations :)

I didn't know you could book private scans. Even just hearing a heart beat would put my mind at rest.



Yep google it, and u will find a private clinic, cost me 75 per scan:)

I also have bought myself a doppler from amazon, its called angel sounds, great reviews, but my advice is only get this once your twelve weeks as baby can be are to locate. But now at 23 weeks he is so easy to find and I can hear him swishing about aswell, plus the kicking:)

As u are seven weeks now u will see the heartbeat on the scan :)


Your like a little angel of pregnancy knowledge.:)

I will get googling all the information you have given me.

I feel so much better hearing such positive advice xx


Congratulations on your pregnancy!

First of all: Don't worry about the pain, this is normal. Many women here experience them, and I had them from the day my period would have been due until almost 12 weeks. It's just your womb adjusting to pregnancy. I know it's scary, I was worried about this too. But there is a lot happening in your belly right now, and it's understandable if your belly is complaining a bit. However, if you feel something might be wrong, don't hesitate to contact your doctor to let him check if everything is okay. That's what he is there for.

I didn't tell anybody about my pregnancy before 12 weeks were over, I didn't want wo jinx it. It was hard to keep our mouths shut, but we prefered it that way.

As for your worries: I know this is difficult, but try to take one day at a time. The further along you'll be, the calmer you'll get.

I wish you all the best, hope the baby stays with you - but it is a new and a different pregnancy, so hopefully everything will turn out well.

Good luck to you! xx


Thank you so much. Even just hearing reassurance helps.

My husband is being so supportive but i still feel they don't understand 100% the emotion that goes hand in hand with everything.

I did say we would be best waiting until 12 weeks, fingers crossed this baby is a stubborn little monkey and wants to stay put.

I did think the aches, pains could be normal, then doubt kicks in. Not good!!

2 more weeks have passed since I found out I was pregnant so hopefully that's a good sign and I need to start thinking more positively.



That's the right spirit :)

Whenever you feel too down or worried, post your questions/worries/doubts here. It always helped me a lot to hear other opinions and get some advice. And it can be very reassuring to know other ladies feel the same.



Hey, can I just say quickly that Asprin thins the blood so I wouldn't touch this unless you have been advised by a professional. The only thing safe to take in the 1st trimester is paracetamol at a lower dose. If you are in some discomfort, take this to ease the cramps but i think us PG girls should not have as much over a 24hr period as everyone else. i take like 1 500mg for the hormone headache, takes the edge off but 2x500mg is safe xx


Hi cheeky monkey, you may have mis read what I said! Baby asprin 75mg is often recommended in pregnancy from day dot, not full dose asprin, in the case of misscarriages in your past x


Completely agree! I saw my doctor when I was about 7 weeks pregnant after 2 m/c's, he asked me if anyone had, as he called it, advised me to take "baby aspirin". When i said no he said how silly, rang the Hospital, spoke to a Consultant, and I left with a prescription. As stupid as it sounds I felt that by taking that one tiny pill I was doing something constructive to keep pregnancy going. In a way it gave me a teeny tiny bit of control, yes I still worried day and night, but I cant imagine how I would have been had I not have been prescribed it x


I can't thank you all enough. You really ahve reassured me xx


Hi SkyBlueBoston, I have read something about 'potential' causes for MC's and one is something to do with a clot forming between mother and embryo and in those cases aspirin might be prescribed but I personally would just not do it without professional advice. So many women on here report bleeding & having had two previous MC's myself this has never been put to me. In so many cases no one knows why we MC so for me I will assume that there was a genetic issue and this is why embryo cannot develop.

Susie it's your body, listen to it & if you are worried I would always suggest the EPU at local hospital for advice. We can only talk from our own person experiences & these are going to differ. Do what's right for you xx


I too have suffered the heartache of miscarriage. I'm now 13 weeks pregnant and completely felt the same anxiety for those first 12 weeks. I also had couple of private scans for reassurance and that helped a lot. My consultant advised baby aspirin too which I've been taking since I found out I'm pregnant and they've said to continue all the way through the pregancy. There is evidence that blood can clot around the embryo so that's why aspirin when you've previously miscarried. I also did acupuncture which helped keep me calm.


Congratulations, how wonderful x

I have been reading into aspirin and will be speaking to my dr about it. There seems to be so many women that have been advised to take it and I have spoken to my husband and its looking like the private scan is a route we will be taking :) xx


Hi all, reading all the comments about asprin i just wanted to share my experience. After 4 miscarriages i was referred to recurrent miscarriage clinic, after umpteen tests they found nothing wrong. Even my partner had tests! When i found myself pregnant for the 5th time i was immediately put on Asprin 75mg. I am now the proud mother of a 16 wk old little man. I was on the Asprin until 38wks. I don't know if it was the Asprin or maybe it was just my turn, but after 4 miscarriages then a text book pregnancy it's more than likely it was the Asprin :D. Good luck to you all x


I have booked to see my dr to discuss this, what a lovely outcome after so much heartache. Congratulations :D and thank you XX


I'm now 25 weeks pregnant after recurrent miscarriage. I had a scan at about 8 weeks, which put my mind at rest. I had a painful pain in my side, like period pains, for a couple of days, which the doctor said needed to be scanned. I had an NHS scan that day, which showed a very healthy happy fetus and a very small cyst on my ovary that had gone by my 12 week scan.

TBH I have found that I may worry more than other mums-to-be. Lots changes and sometimes it's uncomfortable and I do worry, probably needlessly. I went to the doctors a couple of times after 12 weeks and she was happy to listen with the doppler, just for reassurance. I have a calendar with all the dates of all the appointments with specialists and private classes and if there is a gap, I sometimes go to the doctors just to listen, which she's really happy to do.

Try to incorporate some relaxing happy social things into your calendar and maybe some relaxing tools that help you to quiet your mind and be peaceful.

Good luck and CONGRATS!!! getting pregnant is the biggest part of the battle apparently! xx


O my gosh i was exactly the same. We suffered two miscarriages in 2011, when I became pregnant in 2013 I was adament no one would know until we had our 12th week scan (which ended up being at 14 weeks as very busy antinatel department). I thought getting to that point would put my mind at rest, but nope because of a few bleeds up until my 18th week of pregnancy I couldn't rest until then.

For me personally I didn't rest at all. Even at 38 weeks every time I went to the toilet I prayed I wouldn't see blood. Every pain or ache sent me into panic mode. Bearing in mind I do have a daughter aged 4 at the time and I knew these pains were normal in latter stages of pregnancy.

i tried so hard to enjoy being pregnant with my little boy (who is now a healthy and happy 18 month old) but it was so hard. Some nights I would stay awake until all hours just making sure I could feel him move!

I think until people have suffered a miscarriage its so hard to explain the fear.

All I can say really is I understand and I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly for you.

Hugs x Shelley x


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