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No symptoms at 6 weeks. Is this normal?

This is my second pregnancy. In my first I felt nauseous and tired all the time up until 14 weeks. I was so tired I would fall asleep at my work desk! This time it seems like I have no symptoms at all and only feel 'out of sorts' which passes after a minute or so. I'm very worried that something is not right with the pregnancy. Is it normal not to have any symptoms at all or is this something I should be concerned about?

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Hi this is my second pregnancy and I was exactly the same as you minimal symptoms compared to the first ( which was a miscarriage ) but up until now 12 weeks I haven't been sick once! The nausea started about 7 weeks then faded from 8 and a half weeks. From what i have personally learnt your symptoms mean nothing some people are very lucky and feel fine and others have terrible morning sickness etc. But I do think it would be nice the odd sickness etc to let you know little one is ok can be reassuring :) good luck in your pregnancy xxx


My first pregnancy I had sore boobs and that as it m/c at 7.5 weeks.

This my second pregnancy so far 23 weeks :) I have had every symptoms going, been so ill at times, sickness, headaches, back ache, hip pain, sore boobs, etc.

But don't be worried if u are breezing through pregnancy, this does not mean anything is wrong, it means you are lucky :) keep positive.

Take care x


Hey, I am at end of 1st Tri, my 1st symptom was prob around 5 weeks when I started needing to urinate in the night with sore boobs & extreem tiredness, then the boob growth, I was in new support bras by 8-9 weeks, i've had my heart skipping beats & needed ECG & more bloods. I've had no sickness & thank my lucky stars for this. My stomach looks bigger by the day & still getting hit by tired waves. I hope all is well for you, if you are not having any bleeding or pain i wouldn't worry for now, just be positive. a colleague of mind had no idea she was pregnant until 12 weeks so i guess she was asymptomatic too xx


My friend didn't know she was pregnant until 13 weeks! She was 30 yrs old at the time and went on to have a lovely girl, now 2yrs old. The NHS says morning sickness might come around 7.5 weeks - personally I was still drinking and smoking at six weeks as I had been told I couldn't have children: I didn't find out until 8.5 weeks and the morning sickness started a week later. So yes, I would say that pregnancy signs are different for different pregnancies. xxx


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