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stitch in my cervix tomorrow

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i got to go and have my cervix stitched tom pretty nervous does anybody no the process of whats gonna happen for me tom xx

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Hi, I googled this after midwife said it might be something I'll have to do. I have a gynae app next week to review the need for one.

From what I understand you have a local and then a purse string suture is tied in. Safest option for your baby so maybe use this as a focus to get through procedure :)

Good luck x

thank you xx

I've got one! I had it done in early december at 13/14 weeks and it was absolutely fine (and probably good preparation for labour as I got to see the maternity ward & the theatres). I went into the day unit in the morning and the anaesthetist came to see me. I had the option of general anaesthetic or regional. Regional is mid-way between a general and a local and I went for this option as this was their recommendation. A regional anaesthetic is kind of like an epidural (but slightly stronger) and it means you can't feel anything below about your chest. The procedure itself/putting the stitch in took about 20 mins in one of the theatres (not as scary as it sounds) and everyone was really nice, two midwives kept an eye on me while they were doing it and then I was in a recovery room for about 5 hours while the anaesthetic wore off and they could check I was ok. They did a scan before I left to check the baby was ok.

I know you'll be worried - but my experience was absolutely fine and everyone was so nice. Good luck for today - we'll all be thinking about you xx

That's sounds more involved then I thought then, good to know as mine is up for scrutiny next week x

i went to hospital had scan on my cervix no need for stitch i have enough to carry baby ,,thank you for your help girlies xx i do really like this site xx

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