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I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Would I be able to tell if I'm having an ectopic pregnancy by now?

I had a reversal sterilisation last year and have fallen pregnant from it right away, which I'm thrilled about. But there is a higher risk of having an ectopic pregnancy after this procedure and I'm booked into an early pregnancy test on Friday. I'm really nervous that it's ectopic and we have to get rid of our baby and start again!

I've read all about the signs of it and am wondering if it was would I then be able to tell by now or is it still far to early?

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hiya , i would of thought friend had an ectopic pregnancy and i no she had problems straight away good luck hope all is well


Thank you. I'm really trying to convince myself that everything is ok and I should know by now but obviously there's a massive niggle in the back of my mind that's thinking the worst.

Fingers and toes crossed for Friday then.

Thank you again. xx


I am 6 weeks yesterday and woke up with abdomen pain and they did a scan and they were able to see the sac in the womb thankfully. They should be able to tell but they have to do an internal ultrascan as they couldn't see anything on the other... Just to warn you x


Thanks Sarahp19. I'm glad to hear everything was ok for you, that's great news!

I have an internal scan booked in for Friday but it's the longest few days of my life!!

I'm just wondering if I was having an ectopic pregnancy would I be able to tell by now or would it be to early to get any symptoms. The waiting is driving me crazy!!



Hi Hun, my cousin had an eptopic she knew straightaway te pain was awful x


First of all can I say WOW on your reversal, it's amazing what they can do!! I am in Veterinary Medicine so anything like this fascinates me.

I would hazzard a guess that if conceived 5 weeks ago you'd have alot of one sided pain if ectopic cause I cannot imagine there is alot of room in the Fallopian tube for sac growth, All the best for scan...keep us posted :) x


Thanks skyblueboston and cheekymonkey3791 for your reassurance, it really helps. I'm starting to feel a bit more positive about it all now. I do have slight pain in my stomach but I still had a lot of pain from my op, so it's difficult to know which one it is. But there's no bleeding and I'm not in agony, so lets hope it's all a good sign!

The reversal was pretty traumatic, I had to have a full on caesarean section incision as my surgeon said this would give us the best chance. We tried as soon as I felt ok and fell pregnant with the first go!! We thought it'd take months for anything. So you can imagine how excited and nervous we are.

I will keep you posted :-)



Good luck for tomorrow x


Thank you sarahp19 . That's so lovely of you to remember. I'm so nervous! But I'm trying to convince myself that if there was anything wrong then surely I should know by now.

I'll keep you updated. Xx


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