Twelve week scan tomorrow

Hi everyone,

I can't wait for tomorrow but I'm scared at the same time!! Even though I had a great scan last Tuesday I'm still worried sick :(, I think my previous miscarriage plays a big part in how I feel! I lost my first at six and a half weeks so my babies have made it a few extra weeks than my other and I know it's a totally different pregnancy. Perhaps I'm worrying because someone I know has been showing pics of her supposed bump at thirteen weeks and even though I'm a week behind I have two babies so shouldn't I be bigger then her?? I think shes pushing her tummy out lol. I just hope tomorrow goes ok and I can relax afterwards without worrying anymore because ideally I want to tell people after the scan ( cos I'm bursting ). Has anyone felt this way? And how did you get through this?xxxx

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  • I felt exactly the same way, I lost mine at 7.5 weeks but only found out at 9 weeks.

    This pregnancy was very hard at the begging due to me being a bag of nerves, I always thought the worst, I booked three private scans before my 12 weeks, once I saw my little man at 12 weeks alot of anxiety went away. But now at 23 weeks I still get bad anxiety but just have to work my mind through it!

    About belly size, I was showing alot at 12 weeks and now I have a lovely neat large bump, I was surprised the other day I went to see the vet she was 15 weeks with twins and barley had a bump, lol nothing to worry about, untill your midwife says different.

    Good luck, hope all is well xxx

  • Thanks for your reply, I suppose I am showing but its all bloat maybe that's why I'm thinking cos it's not actually baby which it wouldn't be as they are so small. If you're talking about bloat when you were starting to show at twelve weeks that would make me feel better ha :). I have had the past couple of nights what I would call growing pains not terrible but enough to make me think ooh baby's could be growing. So I'm hoping that's a good sign too xxx

  • bumps are all different shapes and sizes, don't worry about the size of it!! feeling anxious before a scan is totally normal but once you see your babies, the anxiety will go away and you will feel much happier.

  • Thanks for your reply, I will try and chill out. I think it makes it more difficult when your symptoms dissapear a bit, mine did before the scan I had last week hense why I paid for one! But obviously that's continued into this week which doesn't help with the worries xx

  • I can honestly say you will worry to some extent your whole pregnancy. it is a scary and exciting time. but do try to relax as much as possible and enjoy the time cooking your little ones!

  • How exciting...Jumping Beans alert :) I have to wait another week for my scan, it cannot come soon enough. I want to know all is well and get Downs testing over. Let us know his you get on Kazza :) xx

  • I will do thanks, I decided against the downs testing as we wouldn't change our mind either way. Haha fingers crossed my jumping beans r jumping as much as last week eh!! Then it won't be long till u see ur shrimp ; ) x x

  • Yeah, I am not sure how far as I would go with the testing, I feel same I wouldn't change it either way, if its just fluid measurement & a blood sample to get a risk factor that will Prob be all I'd do too. My midwife said many feel they wouldn't chance anything it's just simply about being prepared and as I am older, the risk is greater. Anyway lets focus on your twin jumpers and I will look out for your news tomorrow :) All thd best xx

  • Good luck with your scan! Don't fret that you're not showing. I'm 20 weeks this week, and nothing!!! Still in my normal clothes, think my colleagues think i'm having a phantom pregnancy!!! My friend from Pregnancy yoga is 2 weeks behind me and huge...! I guess my boobs are making up for it though (normally a 30G, hate to think what I am now, but know I need to go underwear shopping this weekend!!!).

    I can't wait for my 20 week scan :-D. I got a sneaky peek at Flump last week though when I had a kidney scan :-)

  • Ah we have a 'Flump' on the forum too :) Cute x

  • Hi kazzacollie, unfortunately that worried feeling will probably be with you for most of your pregnancy! I had 4 miscarriages, 2 at 7.5 weeks, and 2 at 10 weeks. I am now the proud mammy of a 16 week old boy! I thought after my 12 wk scan i'd stop worrying but i didn't! Then i thought i'd stop worrying when i could feel him moving, i didn't! I even bought a monitor so i could hear his heartbeat but alas i still worried! All new mums worry but with miscarriages i think we worry a lot more, my only advice is take it easy and don't be afraid to ring midwife or doctor if you feel you need too! They are there to help even if you feel you are worrying for nothing, they can reassure you! Good luck for tomorrow :D

  • I'm so happy everyone they are both doing great!!! Thanks for your reassurance!! I have been told my consultant is very happy with my twins as they have separate sacs, placentas etc the best type of twin pregnancy so I have been told xxx

  • That's brilliant news! So pleased for you xx

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