Extreeme Fatigue to Minimal sleep in weeks, can you relate?

Hi Ladies, after the initial early weeks of extreeme tiredness I seem to have gone the other way! Only sleeping for say a solid 5 hours, up for bathroom then cannot get back to sleep. Not sure if its because of a busy mind or those hormones playing tricks. I don't know how long can keep this up, I work an 8.5hr day 5 days a week (sometimes more consecutive days) with a 2 hour commute round trip to London (thankfully by train!) Any thoughts or tips on how to get back to sleep or is this just how it is and body/life's way of saying deal with it this is only the beginning of sleep deprevation. You'd think the weekend might be restful but 5am on a Sunday seems a crazy time to be 'busying' at home whilst nearly everyone you know is in a slumber & dreaming of a lie in. What are you thoughts/tips :) X

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  • Hi I'm feeling the exact same way but I am exhausted because I'm not sleeping properly, dreams, toilet trips and silly pains in my legs are some of the main reasons why I'm not sleeping properly. Ha hope it does get better for us and our jumping beans lol xxxx

  • I certainly hope mines jumping too, dating scan next Thursday :) xx

  • I'm 23 weeks now and have not had a full nights sleep since day one. When I wake up, I just watch tv for a while and then hopefully drop off again!

    Think its just our body getting us used to not sleeping for when the baby arrives!

    Could you maybe reduce your working hours?

    Take care x

  • I'm really sorry but I'm 35 wks and its bin like this since 5 wks I rarely sleep alnight x u get used to it

  • Hmm, figured as much, I've not slept properly since 5 weeks. Some say may get a reprieve in the 2nd Tri? Wait n see then x

  • I hardly slept in the first trimester. If I was lucky i got 2 hours sleep, then trip to the toilet then awake for an hour before drifting of again to repeat that cycle all night. I'm in second trimester and I'm getting longer stints of sleep but I'm still up running to toilet. I haven't even reached the big bump can't get comfortable stage. I keep wondering when this looking blooming in pregnancy comes in because I look dreadful through lack of sleep

  • I get up to around 4 hours a night but this is on and off so I envy your solid 5 hours. Sympathetic to the commute as I travel to london with a 2 hour journey each way too and it is exhausting, sometimes I don't want to go to bed cause I don't want to have another night of laying awake but I'm absolutely exhausted and don have the energy to do anything. I'm 30 weeks and hoping my mat leave will help me build up some much needed sleep before baby comes. I do hope it gets better for you though!

  • Sounds like in some cases am getting off lightly at the mo compared to some of you. Pregnancy is exhausting! I have found I can sleep as little longer as the uterus is lifting off the bladder, at the mo I wake up dehydrated so think I should start drinking in the night, at the mo I don't as trying not to wake myself up too much by pretending its not happening :) Hope we all get some sleep soon, oh no hang on, there is a baby on the way! Defo into the no sleep zone! Xx

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