Uncomfortable / painful foetal movements

Oooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Ouch ouch ouch!

32 weeks and my little Squiggly is hoofing me like nothing else at the moment, which is good, glad she's moving around a lot as it reassures me but oh my days it is really uncomfortable borderline painful! Any movement she does is starting to prevent me doing anything, it's sore and I'm getting a bit weepy about it. I've got pelvic pain and so much too do still (decorating, housework, can't leave them or they just won't get done, my partner is busy working a lot at the moment)

Is this another one of those things that pregnant women don't share details about? That actually foetal movements (not just the jabbing under the ribs) can be quite painful? Is this normal or is there perhaps not enough fluid in me for Squiggly to move around in?

With her getting bigger every week how can I ease this unexpected symptom? I want to enjoy the last 8 weeks and not be in pain.

Your advice eagerly awaited! :)


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11 Replies

  • Hi Kaleidoscope!

    I think its just one of those things we are going to have to grin and bear. The bigger they get the less room they have to spread out in so thats when it starts to feel like they are trying to break out.

    I am 27+3 now and I am already starting to feel uncomfortable and already getting relatively painful movement. I must admit I am getting a bit stressed out now about the following 3 months especially after reading your question. I am hoping to finish work within the next month which i think its a really good decision as i think it is going to be bad enough without sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day.

    Good Luck!! :) not long now and squiggly will be out in the big wide world :) x

  • It is the strangest thing! I always thought baby movements were always going to be a bit bubbly, gentle and surreal but not ouchy and wincey. I think everyone is different though as I've never ever heard anyone mention baby movements being ouchy other than being hoofed in certain places like ribs. You're right Cami_pod, grin and bare it it is.

    I'm nervous about the last final stretch too, I want to relax more, sooth my aches and not have any real cause for worry. We'll manage though won't we? :)

    Good luck to you too! :) Squiggly is awake, thinks she's saying hi to you in her hoofings around my belly. x

  • Hi ladies I wish I could tell you it gets better but in my case it most certainly has not. I agree it does become very ouchy ouch!!. It is the most reassuring feeling in the world to feel my baby move but does get very painful. I'm nearly 39 weeks and going into hospital to be induced tomorrow!! Whhoo hoo!!. I've had some complications along the way including 2 miscarriages :( so I've been pregnant pretty much none stop for the last 14 months. But almost there!!!! :-) xxxxx. My advice for you would be hang in there girl! Your almost there! When baby decends down into your pelvis you will start to feel better. You will still feel kicks and rolls but our babies are worth it!!. The next thing you can look forward to is pelvic pressure but once that happens your on the home stretch. Good luck huni :-) xxx

  • Good luck tomorrow with the induction! Ohhhhh... I'm so excited for you! :)

    Well, I guess I better prepare for pulling some interesting faces and making odd noises when Squiggly moves!

    She's on the move as we speak (yowch!), I'm self comforting with ice cream... :) xxx

  • Aww thank you! :-) x x x enjoy your ice cream!!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! :-) xxx

  • Hiya, poor you but squiggly is obviously sooo happy lol. I'm a bit behind you at 23 weeks tomorrow but his movements are getting alot stronger now especially over the last few days, and this morning I think he was doing a handstand coz my belly went so hard and had. Pressure where his bum or head was I could feel him. Then Sometimes when I lay on my left side he obviously doesn't like it and goes under my ribs that hurts!

    Like you I love feeling him move, I have heard women saying they get pain, maybe your tummy muscle are still lovely and tight:)

    Not long now:)

  • Hi i am 33+5 and baby feels Like he is moving house all the time. My last pregnancy my boy moved all through time but i don't remember feeling this painful. I know this time my baby will be bigger than my other 2 has i have gd and on insulin. At my 32 week scan baby was estimated at 4lb 9oz. I have my next scan in 2 weeks but i think he will of.put a lother more on due to.the pains i feel.when he moves etc. My other 2 weighed 6lb 14oz girl at 41+5 and my second a boy was 7lb 7oz at 39 weeks so were average sized. I.personally can't wait for them to give me a date for my section. Not sleeping well, feel rubbish all the time etc.

  • Hi,

    I am glad to read I am not the only one as I have been complaining about baby movements being painful since the very early stages and nobody really seems to care or understand. I felt it got better towards the end (I am 40 weeks and 1 day!!!) as baby doesn't have much room left, he can't even kick that much anymore but last night he started again while I was trying to boost things up with a curry ;-) and it was so painful I had to stop eating.

    I think it was worse when I was around 32/35 weeks, I even remember people stopping me n the street cos they could see how much pain I was in and assumed I was in labour lol

    I hope it gets better for you too

  • I get a lot of pain! So bad I can't stand I have to lay down or sit down I mostly happends when I'm out and about walking around.I'm currently 27 weeks!!

  • I get a lot of pain! So bad I can't stand I have to lay down or sit down I mostly happends when I'm out and about walking around.I'm currently 27 weeks!!

  • I get a lot of pain! So bad I can't stand I have to lay down or sit down I mostly happends when I'm out and about walking around.I'm currently 27 weeks!!

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