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Unusual sign of early pregnancy?

I could just be paranoid but I think i could be a few weeks into my 2nd pregnancy because My period for Feburary is late "i took a pregnancy test a few days ago but shown negative" I'm eating unusual foods ( which i would never consider putting together) & my belly button looks like it has been pushed inside my stomach "almost becoming invisible to the naked eye".

I'm not too worried "as i mentioned this could be my 2nd child" but due to the tough economic climate recently i've been unemployed for 3 years & just started to be invited to a few interviews for a possible job.

My main concern is if i am pregnant after i have the child would it be even harder to get back into the employment stage after a possible 5 years + out of it!

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Do a clear blue test


In regards to interviews still go and do not mention your pregnant, I don't care what people say but you will be judged for the wrong reason! So if u get the Job great, you dont have to tell your employer till 15 weeks before the birth. You won't get smp but might get ma from the government .

To be honest I wouldn't look ahead and worry that far, end of the day you are going to be a mum to two, and also this is a full time job in my opinion. Could u afford child care for two kids! For me if I put my child in nursery full time the bill would be around £700 a month. Personally I'm better off staying at home till baby is old enough for school then work part time.

Test again n two days, oz the hcg level should double then u might get an answer.

I'm 23 weeks tomorrow and it only since week 20 has my belly button started to stretch lol

Good luck x


Thanks for your answer. The cost of childcare alone can declare you bankrupt, I sent my 1 child to a full time childminder "she was absolutely great" but the cost would send me almost in tears every week.

If i am pregnant i will definetely consider keeping my child home with me until she/he is old enough for Reception / Nursery.



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