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Dont know what to do next 16 days late negative tests!

After having a faint line yesterday using fmu ive tested again an hour ago and not sure if i can see a line or imagining it being there, dont know what to do anymore ive had a horrible metal taste in my mouth since friday yesterday it was unbearable but after doctor fobing me off friday telling me to just come back next week if still no period and she'l fax off that im preg WTF?? Getting really worried and dont know whether to go to walk in centre and see whats going on

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All I can recommend clear blue digital test then it will say pregnant or not pregnant they are really good and then either way contact your gp surgery next week.


Hi xkellyx, I was told by my practice nurse that it can take 2 weeks+ sometimes to show an accurate result as with some women it takes this long fro the hormones to show in their urine. Clear Blue are very good, and after a number of neg tests I did eventually test positive showing I was 3+ weeks. Good luck, and check back with your docs if you're still unsure.


So you are two weeks late ! Possibly you should see a line by now, test only in the morning and use clear blue with conception indicator.

I wonder if you ovulated slightly later so you might be testing a bit early! Sure you know about the two week wait :)

I would say test every two days as the hcg levels double, so within the next four days you will know for sure.

Good luck x


I am now 10 weeks and I know this as I have had a scan. It was over 2 weeks after my period was due that I had a positive test result and even then it showed only a very feint line. Keep testing every other day and see what happens. If your period is usually exactly on time and you are so late it sounds like you will get a positive result soon. Good luck!


With both of my pregnancies, the test result was only ever really faint with various different brands. I now have 2 sons. My advice would be to wait a couple of days then retest first thing in the morning.


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