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Pins and needles in fingers after pregnancy yoga class

I just attended my first pregnancy yoga class!

As my self employed job is teaching a physical activity I've been very keen to do something with my body. I've had pelvic pain recently (boo) and wasn't able to maintain my classes that I teach after 5.5 months. So yoga seemed gentle enough to explore and possibly help with the pelvic pain.

I found the movement itself ok, what I struggled with was the room being extremely cold. The movement wasn't dynamic enough to warm me up at any point so it was rather unpleasant environment wise to do that session.

It's been a couple of hours since I got back and my hands are struggling to warm up properly and they have pins and needles and feel tingly.

Can anyone explain or have any ideas about why that is? I haven't had pins and needles at all prior to that. I'm going to go back for one more session to see if the room temp was just a one off but if it's the same I won't be able to continue with the course purely due to the room rather than the activity or the instructor which I think will be a shame.

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I have carpel tunnel syndrome in both my hands and wrists, this causes pin and needles, pain, stiffness.

Cold makes your veins and arteries contract making it more difficult for blood to circulate, I assume this is what has happened.

You need to massage your fingers downwards towards your wrists including your palms then in a circular motion move your wrists, if your fingers look a little swollen before you do this it is because u have fluid built up, hence why the massage will work.

My sister did yoga and she out her back out, so not sure if it really is such a great gentle exercise after all. I prefer swimming :)


Thanks for the info! :) Appreciated.

Took me almost 3 hours to warm up my poor little paws!

I love yoga movement, I was in the midst of learning some aerial arts before I got pregnant (in an amateur capacity I hasten to add!) so did yoga type stretches during the warm ups before I got on the equipment. My back is sensitive anyway but less movement used to make it flare up. I dunno, my instincts tell me that cold rooms and yoga is a bad combination. My fingers haven't swollen (well... not yet anyway!) but my poor ankles have started looking interesting! ;)

My friend had carpel tunnel syndrome in her pregnancy too. Poor lamb couldn't hold a pen or a mug for her tea. I hope I can avoid getting it, with pregnancy you just have no way of knowing if you'll be symptomless or not.

Hope you're getting on well, is it week 23 for you now? :)


I'm fine, feeling my little man kick alot more, and I think he thinks my bladder and cervix is a trampoline, very odd sensations!

I'm 23 weeks on Tuesday yeah xx

Wow I think your brilliant trying out yoga, on the 28th feb I got a exercise class at the hospital for back strengthening and tips on how to avoid pulling muscles, that will be interesting!

Going to ask them about my poor hands so painful:(



Yoga is absolutely a good exercise for pelvic pain. As you are a beginner it is quite right to attend classes rather than home study.

Cold is a massive no-no. As you rightly said, beginner's yoga for pregnancy is gentle, non-aerobic movement for suppleness, core stability, to encourage blood flow, to balance and regulate hormone function and breath-work which can be useful for a peaceful labour. Cold will create undue tension in different muscle groups and will not aid relaxation of the mind or body.

I'm surprised the teacher did not ask in class what you thought of the temperature. Can you call the teacher before the next class? You sound like you enjoyed her style and so I think she needs to know your feedback. If she can't offer a solution for the next class, she may run another in a warmer hall or she may have another suggestion.

I hope you can find a nice warm supportive class as I'm sure your instinct as a trainer to try yoga is completely right for you. Good luck x


Hi Blue321,

I'm not a complete beginner with yoga, I had attempted a dvd but found it lonely and I live somewhere I don't know anyone and there is an instructor offering 5 free sessions whilst she completes her training so I thought it a good opportunity to move my body as I miss not being able to do what I used to.

The instructor said we would warm up but she may well find what she taught energetic for her but I didn't feel the same way and was unpleasantly cold.

I'll email her and let her know but didn't want to feedback in great detail after just one session when she hadn't asked for any responses (more out of shyness on my part I think and not wanting to seem difficult). I did enjoy the movement albeit not that challenging but for a pregnant body it was gentle enough and allowed me to be with other pregnant women which I haven't had the chance to experience.

I appreciate and thank you for the encouragement to contact her! I'll send a little email now! :) xx


That great - I'm sure she'll appreciate the feedback: if you were cold, others would've been too. I think it's totally sensible and fun to attend a class, I really wish I could! But I'm between cities and can't attend regularly. Most want you to pay in advance in my city and I'm just not around enough to use up the credits in time. So it's back to doing it at home at the moment :( xx


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