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Im just over 11 weeks pregnant and all my symptons are gone, is this normal?

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Hello Everyone :) Im new to this site and also to being pregnancy! Im just over 11 weeks pregnant and all my symptons are gone, is this normal? as i quite relied on morning sickness to know everything with the baba was ok, so little worried now i dont feel anything. Thanks xx

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Hi Melissa, im guessing it is pretty normal as I am about as far as you and from about eight and a half weeks my symptoms have lessened dramatically!!! I think it is because the placenta taking over its role although this hasnt fully finished till another couple of weeks or so. Im pregnant with twins and I cant really feel anything either, apart from having a weird relationship with food haha. I worried as much as you and got a private scan done on Tuesday and they were jumping around like little jumping beans!! Good Luck and you know where we are if you want to talk :) xxxx

I love your Jumping Bean Reference, I saw this on a previous posting. X

Haha I'm crazy, the jumping bean saying just says it all haha. But I'm with you I haven't been sick once in this pregnancy! Had a few close moments after I cough it makes me gag but that's it xx

Yeah same as a few weeks back, the old wives tail will say then maybe its boys ? I call mine Bubba Shrimp (From Forrest Gump) LOL...seems appropriate for the developement period X

Hi, I am just shy of 11 weeks and feel the same but am not worrying about it, body is constantly adapting and changing so just run with it. I was worried that I have not had the morning sickness but not everyone suffers so am thankful :) Congrats on your pregnancy. :) X

Here here I'm 22 weeks and every week is different for me, some weeks I'm so sick, other weeks feel great, other weeks boobs hurts, back ache u name it lol x

Hi I'm also just over 11 weeks and I've also noticed that my symptoms are going so I'm hoping it's normal. We conceived via ivf on our second attempt so I have spent the whole of my pregnancy worrying that it's going to end but we just have to hold on we both only have a few more days and we reach that magic number 12. Congratulations on your pregnancy x

When i was around 12 weeks all of my symptoms just vanished and i was very worried has my previous 2 pregnancies were a nightmare with sickness until 6/7 months. I am now 33 weeks and i was told that it is your body getting ready to go into the second trimester.

I've not really had morning sickness at all, just the occasional queasiness, almost like motion sickness and bizarrely (I think) when I'm feeling really hungry. Everyone is different, so I wouldn't worry about it!

Some people don't even know they are pregnant for months!

My queasiness stopped at 12 weeks. To be honest, it was a relief to be able to cook my own food and eat something other that biscuits and isotonic sports drinks. The boob-ache stopped when I started drinking loads of water. Then, because of the position of my placenta, I didn't feel my baby move until 22 weeks... everything, all tests, scans etc, have been totally normal all the way through. I'm now 24 weeks and he's moving like mad. I think pregnancy is always a bit worrying. Try to stay chilled and do nice stuff for yourself instead x

Thanks for all the responses ladies, hopefully my first scan in a couple of weeks my mind will be put at rest and ill get to see my jumping bean/beans lol xx

I'd go for a scan, sounds very normal, but you don't need to stress and a scan will help. X

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