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Hi guys, well me and my partner found out I was pregnant and both over the moon. Went for blood tests which the 1st was 1100 then went back in 48 hours and it was 2579, they booked me in for a scan the next day. The scan shown a sac and yolk but they said they couldn't confirm a viable pregnacy and wanted me to go back in 2 weeks. Went back a week later (today) as I had some mild pains so they did another scan. This time it shown the sac had grown but couldn't see the yolk? Iv had 2 previous m/c 1 a blighten ovam (excuse the spelling) and the other came away naturally. They want me to go back next week for another scan but I'm so scared its happened again. Has anyone else experienced this??

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  • You wont see a embryo forming and heartbeat till six weeks this is when I saw this little man:)

    Keep positive as it seems something is happening just might be too early!

    Good luck x

  • Hi, thanks for ur reply. I am 6 wk and 5 days today. It was only last week when I saw the sac and yolk??


  • Ok cool, so I reckon you are on track:)

  • Same happened to me first scan was early at 5 weeks could only see sac doc said not to. Worry and re scan in two weeks so I did and had a sac and yolk but no baby, he reassured me all was ok that's its growing . I'm now 22 weeks, so there is hope . Keep us informed xx

  • First scan I had at 6 weeks was just a sac and no heartbeat or anything. Went again at 7 weeks and 5 days and could make out a blob with a heartbeat. Different babies develop at different times. Try and be positive as positive vibes are the best you can do for now. A friend told me they couldn't find a heartbeat until she was 9 weeks and she now has a healthy 1 year old baby. Really hope all turns out well x

  • This is always an anxious period for any mum to be. Having experienced 2 previous miscarriages I can totally understand your worries & upset. All you can do us listen to your body and respond accordingly, the EPU at your local hospital is only a phone call away, failing that A&E out of hours, you are not alone. & many lovely women on here to offer you words of support. In both of my previous pregnancies I had attended EPU & both times I let nature take it course as nature intended. There is no way to prevent a miscarriage as I'm sure you are probably aware so please sit tight & relax as much as you can, I know how difficult this is, I am in week 10 and just now starting to relax a little bit as this is a 1st for me. I had an early scan at 8 weeks as advised for any subsequent pregnancies which showed an embryo 16mm with a fluttering heart beat. I will hope very much for you that your wee one makes an appearence at the next scan. Xx Thinking of You

  • Thanks guys for you kind words! I'm going to try and remain positive. Just wish next week comes round quick!! I feel pregnant still so fingers crossed. Ill keep you all updated when I find out. Xx

  • I'll tell you now to worry, even tho I am sure you will :) , I know I did :) I ended up having scans every 2-3 weeks until I was 13weeks because they couldn't see baby at first then I kept bleeding etc, now I am 26 weeks, and I can tell you its no walk in the park im one of the unlucky ones whose symptoms get worse (on top of other pregnancy issues) but the panic is now over (ish) so stay positive :D

  • Thanks huni, today I feel so down and unpregnant. Next Tuesday can't come quick enough. It's the waiting what's driving me crazy! Aww glad it all worked out for you! X

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