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Anyone had a successfull pregnancy with bleeding in the early stages?


Im 7weeks today, and started bleeding last night its not heavy but enough to make me wear a pad, ive been to see my GP and he just said rest and go back on friday... it's driving me crazy not knowing whats going on with my own body, im terrified, but also giving up hope, i really want everything to be ok....

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Hi I'm sorry I cannot answer your question, but normally when you have spotting you should be offered a scan at an early pregnancy assessment unit, if I was you ( which I have done in the past ) is ring your local hospital maternity/ gynea ward and see if they can book you in. Or you can book a private scan although not ideal if you don't have much money but I have found well worth the money just for the extra reassurance!!! One thing i have learned in the past never give up hope!! Good luck xx

Thanks for replying, i was a little surprised that they didnt send me over to the hospital, i think i may just give them a ring, i really need to know, Thanks so much. :) xx

Hello, I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant and bled from week 6 to 11 off and on. I went to A&E the first time and they referred me for an early scan, it showed that I had a bruise caused by implantation which caused the bleed. The bleeding stopped but started again and I was given another scan.

Try not to worry, but go to A&E if you are concerned and they should refer you for a scan x

Hi, try not to worry but ask to b referred to epu for scan to put your mind at ease. Spotting in early pregnancy is a common thing but they tell u to get checked to b on safe side. I was spotting blood right through my 1st pregnancy and had a healthy baby. I'm now 7 weeks pregnant and so excited. Good luck x

My sister bled from week 6 to 13 and gave birth to a healthy boy in September. It was explained as an implantation bleed but she had scans regularly. Hope all is ok.

Hi, my first pregnancy i had bleeding for around 10 days but i.knew it.was from.having a water infection. My second.pregnancy i stArted bleeding at around 12 weeks and this lasted for 3 weeks but on and off. I had seen the consultant and she just told me after the first episode, when it happened again i.went to.the epu and they did a scan. They couldn't see where the bleeding was.coming from.but after 2 weeks the hospital it was a water infection. But it is a scary time. I haven't.already.and, they should get you a scan arranged. Good luck x

Hi, I am 7 weeks 3 days and starting spotting on and off about a week and a half ago. I saw the doc twice and he wasn't concerned. He said if it was heavy or if I got pains then to go back. Not bleeding enough to show on a pad, only when I wipe. Scary time but sounds like it sometimes just happens. Try not to worry too much - I know it is hard. Have my dating scan mid march so I will probably panic until then!! xx

Hi there,

I bled at 7 weeks for about 5 days. Sometimes it was heavier, sometimes barely there. Often it was quite clotty and brown, sometimes more red in colour. I couldn't get a scan at the hospital for a week, and that was easily the worst week of my life, not knowing whether my baby was still there or whether I was still going to be a Mum.

Anyway, the baby was there, a tiny bean with a tiny heartbeat, and I'm pleased to say that I am now 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant, and the rest of the pregnancy has been plain sailing.

My sister is also pregnant and experiences the exact same thing.

I hope everything works out for you.


Hi there! I too started bleeding, Friday last week, within my 7th wk. I called the EPU straight away for support. They said it was (as we've discovered) common and not to worry too much especially if it was only when I wipe. They did ask me if I had experienced any clotting as that wasn't such a positive sign. In my case it has become heavier and sadly I had what I thought was an alarming amount of clotting on Monday. I thought that was the end.... However today we've been for our 2nd scan (the 1st was to ensure baby was in the right spot,last year I had an eptopic you see) and would you believe it!!! There's something still there in the sack!!! We've been told its only got a 50/50 chance but we have everything crossed and I am to continue as if pregnant. SO we shall see. Good luck all x

Bless you, I hope that you are keeping well and staying positive X

I had bleeding at 6 weeks with my son. I phoned the Early Pregnancy Unit and was advised to rest and was booked in for a scan. The scan showed a healthy heart beat and although the bleeding continued on and off over the next few weeks everything was fine and I had a healthy baby boy. It's very common to have bleeding in early pregnancy. Phone the unit for some advice and ask to be booked in. Good luck. X

I found out I was pregnant on Monday and am about 5 weeks. This morning I started spotting, but as it was very light I didn't do anything until this evening when I checked on NHS direct where the advice was to call my surgery's out of hours service. A lovely doctor called me back and explained that it's normal early on in pregnancy, but has arranged an appointment for me at the EPU tomorrow morning just to be sure that everything is ok. Fingers crossed! I would recommend speaking to your GP for reassurance as I had been fretting all day about it. I've read on lots of different sites that light bleeding is perfectly normal so stay positive x

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Hope you scan went well. Take care of yourself.

Hi, I had bleeding at around 5-6 weeks with mild abdominal pain. I rang the EPAU myself (wouldn't bother with GP) & they arranged for me to have an internal scan. All was fine for that stage of the pregnancy. Bleeding continued on & off for a couple of weeks. I had a follow up scan 2 weeks later which was also fine. My 6 month old son is asleep on my knee as I type. Take care of yourself & try to stay calm.

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