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Two months to go!

Wow when did that happen? Baby's very active although I got a bit of a shock the other day. On my routine visit to the mid wife, she told me that bump hadn't grown three centimetres as expected but Six in three weeks. I automatically felt guilty as since being pregnant I've developed a sweet tooth and ended up in tears on the way home thinking that I'd made my child diabetic or given it a weight problem for life. Don't get me wrong I eat my five a day, have yoghurt with granola for breakfast or blueberrys in porridge fruit juice diluted with sparkling water. But I also have a real thing about chocolate. So this week I've cut right down although still have peanut butter and Nutella on toast to help curb the chocolate habit.

My husband researched baby weights and it turns out that this could just be a growth spurt, also baby seems to have plenty of extra room in there.

We've been inthraled with baby's movement to music and sunlight, little one has been making lots of shapes. Baby now kicks when daddy talks to little one, and almost sleeps when I do. I'm so heavy now that I'm ready to see my baby, and my back hurts just to stand up. I still have no idea what I'm having yet. It's like being a kid and waiting for Christmas lol :)

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Great to hear from you. When is your due date? I'm 31 +6, pretty much 8 weeks left and feel just as excited as you. :)

My squiggly I think is independent, she moves and is playful. When daddy touches she stays still, when he takes his hand away she moves! I talk to her and she moves. She's having a squiggle now as I've just woken up! Love her so much, very keen to meet her! xxx


Hello kaleidoscope I feel like I know you as we've kinda followed each others pregnancies lol. I'm due the seventeenth of April so seven weeks now squeal ! Just picked up some very good quality second hand baby toys, and bought more sleep suits. Sounds like your squiggle is doing very well and sounds as attached to her daddy already as mine does to his/her daddy. I wonder if I'll get a look in when mines just glad that I'm going to attempt breast feeding. Sound like we've both got very excited dads to be! So glad that things are going so well for you :)


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