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Teething at nearly 2 months

My baby has been irritable for several weeks now, just looked at her gums as she was chewing her fingers , and saw her teeth becoming more obvious underneath them, her cheeks have been bothering her too, and she has an irritable looking rash around her mouth and on her cheeks, and whenever we rub e45 on them she hates it , and cries loudly? Is it possible she is teething this young?? All answers appreciated x many thanks x

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Wow quick developer lol, poor baby, instead of using e45 you should be using Vaseline as this does not cause an allergic reaction which e45 has been known to do and not recommended for babies under a year! A few things u could try is cold drinks or yoghurt s if baby is able to swallow these, a cold teething ring but again I doubt baby will be able to clench down. Otherwise the gp is the best person to ask as they should be able to prescribe a numbing cream for the gums but ave to be so careful it doesn't touch the back of the throat as affects the gag reflex.

Good luck and I hope baby gets better xx


Yep deffo developing quickly, she has a drs appointment on wednesday so we will see what the rash is then, weve given her some teething gel, and that seems to have helped, so it most probably is teething! Thanks for your advice sky xx


Ours started at about 2 months as well. We find that dipping one of our fingers in ice-water and letting her suck the cold water from the finger helps most of the time. We did go to the GP and get advice on medication though, and it has helped. Also, long walks in the pram, as she falls asleep almost immediately and has peace while she sleeps (as do we!).


yes yes yes.

parsons powers

bonjella and


poor little mite, what a discomfort. sometimes you spend so much time with your baby it's hard to tell whats going on. and if this is your first it sucha learning curve.


My little man has been teething since 7 weeks. I thought it was too early but my health visitor said it's not. Apparently babies can be born with teeth! I've found New Era homoepathic salts to be really effective, also Ashton and Parsons teething powders.

My HV says it's a good thing to teeth this young as gums are softer so less pain :D.


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