6 weeks, on and off pain on right lower side and legs and arm numbness?

Hi, I'm 6weeks preg yesterday I had slight on and off pains in my lower right side and my leg was numb all day, I saw my gp today and he said I have a trapped nerve, and to rest since leaving I have become very dizzy and lightheaded and my arms feel numb and getting tingling sensations the soles of my feet are also burning can anyone advise me? I can find any info on the net? And debating weather to just leave it and wait to see if it goes away or call my gp this afternoon? Thanks jade


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4 Replies

  • I think I would call your gp again and make sure he sees you. It does sound like a trapped nerve but I was never light headed when I had a trapped nerve, this could be because you are worrying so your blood pressure might be a tad higher. Also try a heat patch on the worst of the area this has helped my back alot.

  • This does sound like a sciatic nerve to me, I kept getting a burning sensation in my left thigh whenever I moved a certain way! I had to go for physio due to pelvic gurdle pain and told my phsio about it and it was due to baby lying on it! The light headedness will be due to the changes your body is going through,which in the early stages is a lot of changes! I was like that in the early stages of pregnancy so make sure you stay well hydrated and eat little and often to keep your sugar levels up! Also take a rest if you need to!! I'm now 19 weeks so most of my symptoms have faded however I do still get a little lightheaded so I know I've done too much and go and sit down! Just listen to what your body is telling you! Make sure you do mention all of this when you visit your midwife! A good website is the nhs.uk under pregnancy and birthj, there is a lot of info on there regarding common pregnancy aches and pains and little niggles which may occur! Goog luck and take care, and of course we are all here for you too!! X

  • Thanks for your replys, so i rang the midwife and they asked me to go to the hospital, i had a scan as they thought it might be having an eptopic, however baby was fine, and i have a cyst, which is causing the pain, i have a trapped nerve in my left leg and carpol tunnel in both hands which is causing the pins and needles, due to the cyst the midwife told me to expect a very painfull preganancy :( thanks for reply guys x

  • Happy to hear its all good! I hope its not too painful for you! Good luck and take care! Xx

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