I am 11 weeks pregnant with my first and struggling with sickness and it is mainly in the morning and before I go to bed, its not proper sick its more like watery fluid, I cant eat after about 3 or my food does come up so I am not having dinner which is really frustrating, I want to eat but food has become my enemy over the last 6 weeks. I have tried the ginger and the things they say to stop the nausea, I am going swimming when I can (as do shift work) I am just wondering if you know of anything that I can do to help and hopefully when it will stop as being sick twice a day is tiring and horrid.

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  • I am 26 weeks now but I suffered quite bad from week 8-14. It sounds silly but if you are a naturally hot person then rather than ginger you should try peppermint. So peppermint tea, polo's, chewing gum etc. My chinese friend recommended it and told me its something to do with ying/yang. I am normally quite hot and it did seem to help a little but it wasnt a miricle cure unfortunatley. I found it so hard at that stage but hopefully in a few weeks it will pass and you will feel relatively normal again. I hope you start feeling better soon x

  • Thank you, I am willing to give anything a try. If I knew I only had a few weeks left of the sickness I could probably deal with it a bit better but when I know people that have had it up to 6 months it feels me with dread. thank u for you help x

  • I am now 22 weeks and suffered with bad sickness five times a day or night from weeks 12 to 19, what I had to do was stop eating three main meals and basically eat six or seven small snacks all day long, and as soon as I woke up I ate rich tea biscuits then as I dared to move I then ate toast. I still get sickness about twice a week but eating small and very often has worked for me:)

  • yes I have been snacking on fruit and healthy things and eating small meals, just I cant eat anything after 2/3pm otherwise I am really ill and I actually bring my food up rather than just watery stuff. I just want to be able to enjoy a dinner, I haven't been so healthy in my life :)

  • There are a number of effective antiemetics (anti sickness medications) which are safe to take in pregnancy and are routinely taken by thousands of women in the UK. You never hear of them on the pregnancy websites because of the 'natural' pregnancy propaganda, but all the natural so called remedies don't work for severe pregnancy sickness, as you will no doubt find out when you try them. Ask your doctor for promethazine, stemetil or metoclopramide. Have a look at for more information.

  • Meant to say too, a lot of doctors are hopelessly uneducated in treating severe pregnancy sickness, if your doctor fobs you off with the usual platitudes like oh it will stop at twelve weeks, or it's normal to be sick in pregnancy, then try to find another doctor or ask for a referral to a hospital consultant. If you contact pregnancy sickness support they will tell you if they know of a good doctor in your area.

  • I'm having a terrible time of it with morning sickness tried ginger everything, sea sickness bands eating little and often, drinking plenty of water and nothing helps. The doctor finally signed me off work as I was realy struggling I havnt found the magic cure yet and food is very much the enemy don't think I have wanted to eat in about 4 weeks but on the plus side what I do keep telling myself is it is a sign of a healthy pregnancy! And as long as pip (my babys nick name) is ok this will end soon!!! So just hang in there! :)

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