Iron deficiency in 3rd trimester - can you still take calcium tablets?

I have just had my second set of bloods done (at 29 weeks) and despite being told I had 'phenomenal' haemoglobin levels after my first tests I have now been told I a low in iron and prescribed supplements of 210mg per day. I have also got calcium + vitamin D tablets and omega 3 cod liver oil tablets, but on reading the leaflet for the iron supplement it advises not to take with calcium.... anyone else taking these combinations too, it's my first baby and I keep reading how at this time it's bones are absorbing more calcium and getting harder, yet I also know how important the iron is for producing enough blood! So confused, do I take just the iron or persevere with both?!


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  • Double check with your d&c, it might be a matter of taking each tablet hours apart or not mixing both at all. U could always drink an extra pint of whole fat milk per day:)

    Good luck x

  • Thank you - yes I was thinking extra milk as a backup too - just the calcium the midwife gave me is an extra high dose again (compared to what you can buy) frustratingly they have no appointments left for my 31 week check, so looking like I won't have an appointment until week 34 - 5 weeks time!

  • It is to do with absorbtion so as long as you leave a suitable gap there shouldnt be a problem. similarly you should leave a gap between iron and any dairy products.

  • Yep, lottiesmum is spot on. I am severely anemic, taking iron and lots of other supplements. The doctor and I decided that I take the iron last thing at night with a food that has vitamin C in it (to increase absorption), like tomato (juice), kiwi, lightly steamed broccoli, orange etc. Then, I prepare the same for the morning and have it at soon as I first wake, about two hours or so before breakfast. I take my other supplements at late morning and late afternoon. I feel much better already in only three weeks. Also, I didn't get on with the ferrous sulphate, so the doctor put me on ferrous fumerate and I don't have any problem with that. Also, i eat meat, so have upped my intake of red meat to three times per week, without dairy (or calcium supplements) at the same meal. The iron from meat (heme iron) helps you absorb iron from other sources.

  • Oh - constipation can be an absolute pain in the bum!! If it is a problem, I found changing the supplement as above helped and also eating loads and loads of fruit and vegetables - about 10 portions per day - stopped it completely, even though I take nearly 2x335mg and 2x20mg of iron per day.

  • Oh, thank you, that is so much clearer than anything else I've found! I only have to take one iron tablet a day, and it is the ferrous fumerate, so fingers crossed. I'll plan to take my iron at night and my calcium in the morning I think, and have already started trying to eat more red meat. Thank you so much again, you've all really helped! Cx

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