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Sorry another question :(

Hi everyone, I'm currently ten and a half weeks pregnant with twins. The past few days I have found my symptoms have eased quite a bit, I have asked this question in the past but has anyone else experienced this at my stage? my boobs not as sore still feel a bit fuller, no sickness, I am tired but not sleeping at night properly, I am more hungry than I would normally be. I just feel like I'm worrying over every little thing when all I want to do is enjoy my pregnancy because I'm over the moon about it :) I don't have a scan for another two weeks and at the moment I feel like its going to be the longest two weeks of my life. Xxxx

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At ten weeks my boobs stopped hurting! It's the placenta starting to take over its not fully functional till about 13 or 14 weeks. Also you will be getting more used to be pregnant and may not fell so ill. I bought a fetal doppler at 12 weeks, ths is brilliant and has eased my worries I'm now 21 weeks and two days, and he is moving about like mad so this makes me feel great.

Also my other symptoms change from week to week for example this week I have been sick three times! I can never tell what each day will bring!

I was soooooo nervous throughout my pregnancy still get anxious days, but i just try my best to think positive.

Also I think once you reach 12 weeks, you might begin to calm down a little bit, coz when u get that far, I belive the baby is for keeps:)


Hi thanks, I'm glad your boobs stopped hurting so much too at this point!! I think the Doppler would be a good idea for me, Although I may worry that I'm not finding both heartbeats?? Then again if they go at different times I may be able to know that there's two. Where did you get your Doppler from? I hope you are right and it is the placenta taking over its role. This has by far been the longest three months of my life xx


The best doppler is called angel sounds from amazon, fantastic reviews and 100% works. Buy extra ultrasound gel as the one that comes with it won't last! It cost me £30 inc pp.

It takes about two weeks to arrive.

I got loads of tips on how to use it, so u always hear a hb. So if u buy it, contact me and I will tell you the best method xx


I agree dopplers are good but they have changed the government guildelines and midwifes are no longer meant to check for the heartbeat at 16wks as It was not always able to be heard and it freaked people when there was nothing wrong so yeah get one but b aware that u may not hear heart beat at the stage or til much later, everyone is different, I could hear heartbeat and feel baby move but my friend couldn't til 20 wks. My boobs stopped hurting and I never had any morning sickness so until baby started kicking I didn't feel pregnant at all, it is normal I think to worry, I'm nearly 34 wks and I still panic over everything, it's my 1st and I think it's normal, u got the most important thing growing in ur tummy, ur it's mummy dnt think the worrying will ever stop just becomes a different type of worryin wen they get her, I can't wait lol


Thanks for your reply! Yes I know it's hard to stop worrying I know it's not doing me any good! I just all of a sudden feel so normal almost too normal. I have my poor husband worried now because I have told him how I feel. Roll on 12 days and I will fingers crossed find out that there was nothing to be worried about xx


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