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I have worked out that i am almost 7wks pregnant i have 4 children already so i know what pregnancy feels like . I had a 4 day light period with this one and still have all the pregnancy symptoms .so i had a blood test done got results today and she said i have raised hormone levels but not consistant with pregnancy.i still am having morning sickness and my belly is getting bigger and bigger boobs and mark says when we have sex it feels much tighter in there which has only ever happened when im pregnant

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Sounds to me that you are. But maybe only in the very early stage, because of your blood test results. I would ask for another pregnancy test to be done in 2 weeks that way you should find out for sure as your hormone levels will be higher. But you know your own body Rythym and what's normal for you so I would trust your own instincts. Hope it works out for you :-) xx


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