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not feeling very pregnant :(

hello, i am a nervous wreck at the moment, i have known im pregnant for just over 2 weeks, by the nurses calculations i am 6 weeks 5 days pregnant but i have had only one day of feeling sick and one day of being sick 3 times, im not sleeping very well and have headaches but apart from that im not craving anything. This is really working me up and im panicking my partner as he is away in the army and feels bad for not being able to be here with me.... can anyone tell me if they have had similar situations??

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Dont panic, you sound like your one of the lucky ones avoiding morning sickness, with one of mine I was never sick in the first 12 weeks, but just felt it on a few odd days. They also say syptoms can get worse as the feutus develops. My main syptoms early on was not sleeping well and extreme tiredness (I would fall asleep in the middle of the day). As long as you havent got any bleeding with pain don't worry, just relax and enjoy these early weeks. Good Luck


I guess is normally according to my sister who has 2 kids, I'm 5 weeks today and I don't have any symptoms apart from missing period. I think is better to be happy rather than stressing yourself out. Think of the fact that you are pregnant and a little you inside your belly.

Be happy!


Thankyou i am really stressing myself out over this and just wanted to know if anyone was feeling the same as i do x x x


Hi Flossy1688,

I am 23 weeks today and did not have any morning sickness at all or any cravings in my first trimester. A friend of mine at work has just had her 12 week scan and was the same. It's nothing to worry about - pregnancy affects us all differently. All the very best!


hi i have had four kids and am hoping im pregnant at the moment i have all the morning sickness and larger breasts and have to pee every half hour . i can say all my pregnancies have been slightly different with different amounts of morning sickness. i have done a few tests and all negative but that has happened on all my pregnancies until im about 8-9 weeks . my monthly was 3 weeks late until last friday when it raised its head so after having morning sickness and belly looking bigger week to week we thought we were loosing it. but it only lasted 4 days and wasnt heavy like my normal period. so i went to doctors had blood test done got results today raised hormone levels she said but not consistant with pregnancy. yet i am still feeling very pregnant and getting larger also tired and mark says sex feels different much tighter in there the same as it was when we had aaron whos now two.


Your lucky:) I'm 21 weeks pregnant and have had so much sickness,n heartburn, headaches, back ache, sore breasts, carpel tunnel syndrome in my hands, I don't think I have had many normal days at all.

Mind u at about ten weeks my boobs stopped hurting me,I worried and booked a private scan!

As long as u are not bleeding or in pain then little baby is doing fine.

I didn't start being sick till twelve weeks


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