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Maternity & dangers

I work 5-9 mon to fri sometime 5-10 I am a cleaner & my boss has no idea about pregnancy at all.. I'm just wondering what maternity am I entitled to as a cleaner.

Also, I carry hovers, empty and fill dishwasher 3 times and stand on a stool to put away cups, I carry a heavy bucket of water and mop a large area... I use different kinda of chemicals too, are there any dangers within my job?! I've tried to book an appointment with my GP but they take daily bookings so need to call again tomorrow morning & don't see my midwife for a couple of weeks!

Thanks :)

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It is hard to make the decision to let an employer know of your pregnancy when you may not be ready to reveal it. However as your job involves lifting and the use of chemicals it may be worth considering letting any trusted member of your management team your situation as they may need to do a risk assessment and adjust the duties you perform to keep you safe. I believe it's discrimination if they were to fire you purely for being pregnant, as for entitlement the time you've worked for the company you clean for comes into play. I can't remember the specifics but you'll be entitled to either statutory maternity pay (SMP) from your employer or if not eligible you'll receive Maternity Allowance.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! :) x


Your work needs to carry out a health and saftey assessment, from this it will identify duties or tasks or chemicals that u cannot do, you employer cannot sack u, even if u have to cut down on your duties that I can do.

Google maternity rights at work tells u everything:)

I would tell your employer sooner rather than later due to risks


Hi I agree with both Skyblueboston and Kaleidoscope you should really have a risk assesment due to the type of job you do. For maternity pay rights try and pop into the search part maternity pay and it will give you 3 options and will give you all the info you need .


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