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First trimester and realy struggling!

I'm just over 8 weeks and reay struggling so tired all the time but can't sllep endlessley being sick and now got the flu doctor has signed me off work for 4 weeks which 4 me is not realy an option as no one realy nos my job so getting endless calls all day! With added worry that things arnt being done! Has anyone else found themself in the same boat? Does it get better?

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Hi first of all yes it does! i suffer from sickness and it isvery tiring. best thing to do is rest as much as you can. keep hydrated and it gets better. i ended up with almost 3 months off work due to sickness and illness. if you do too much it can make it worse. talk to your boss, it maybe that when you go back they could look at been more flexible with your hours so you can rest more. i have been known to come home and be in bed within 10 mins as i became so exhausted.

hope you get better soon. remeber your health and the babys health is the most important thing right now


Glad to no its not just me I'm now getin ear ache sore eyes n still being sick whilst getin hounded by work all gud fun!


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