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@ 26 weeks now and for the past four weeks I've been finding it difficult having sex

Each time my husband touches me it feels like I've been punched , he's very cautious and careful but, it's always painful I almost cry! And I get a burning sensation too, it's not an infection cuz it goes after some hours, and I don't do it often like once every two week or three sometimes, but it's just so painful I can't even bear the thought if it.

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It is often unpredictable how sex will be impacted with pregnancy starts. If it's hurting I would recommend abstaining (if you can, it's hard when you really fancy your man to stay away from them intimately) at least until you've spoken to either your GP or midwife as they have the clinical knowledge to shed more light on the matter for you and offer you advice.

I've certainly discovered that any climaxing is ouchy for me and I have bled on one occasion after sex which was very worrying until I was checked out and told everything was fine with baby.

I hope that you find a way to get the answers you need. Good luck! x


I know you said you don't think it's an infection, but it may be a mild thrush infection if you say the burning sensation goes after a few hours. I'd go to your GP or midwife and get it checked out. Might be something really simple and then you can get back to enjoying this time with your husband!