I need a legal advice

Hi Iam a international student. I just start to have my 2nd baby(I got 7 years old daughter). I am working as a nanny for 1yr nd 4 months(full time). Iam getting by cash in hand. If I could be pregnant Iam worries about the expense. If my husband only work will not be enough money. Can anyone knows about is there anyway I could ask from my boss regarding maternity pay?? As I think I cannot have benefits that Iam still in tier 4 visa basis.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Hi Dilrukshi,

We have some information on our website about maternity pay and rights when you are an employee. nct.org.uk/pregnancy/i%E2%8...

Also, you may get even more information from gov.uk, here: gov.uk/employment-status/ov...

This should help you determine what your rights are based on your employment status.

I hope this helps! Best wishes,

Alice x


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