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21 week scan on Thursday

Wow halfway through woo hoo. So far so good, although I don't know idiots psychological or not but reading by the book and everything slotting into place, weird! Bang on 18 weeks book says you may develop acute back ache withy outgrowing abdomen. Yes acute no severe it was, couldn't get out of bed crying because of the pain, so I didn't drive for a week was totally bed bound and hot baths teamed with hot water bottle and pure eyculiptus oil helped speed up recovery.

Weight. Gain has been no existent I've gained a 1 lb and im eating like mad. Cheese seems to be my favourite totally gone off fish and I love tuna butties, :-/

So this week I have a 21 weeks scan both myself and hubby have decided not to find out the sex as we already have a son and daughter we love the element of surprise this time. Little apprehensive about the scan hopping everything is ok, seem to feel baby move at night hubby felt it do a summersault yesterday he's was really made up. Bump still not arrived probably pop after the scan like my previous two.

So that's my update, :-) hope you are all having great pregnancies or if not starting to enjoy it. Can get a little ruff in the first trimester .


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Congratulations Allyemo, thanks for updating us on how it is going! Hope the scan goes well and we hear from you soon :)


Thanks Alice had. The scan but it wasn't clear so I'm booked in Next Sunday :-)


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