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What are particularly good foods to eat during pregnancy?


I've just found out that i am about 4 weeks pregnant with my first child, has any got any tips on foods that are particularly good to eat during pregnancy? I know that a healthy diet is a must during pregnancy but any tips would be greatly appreciated! I've always been a lover of savoury food so are there any good savoury foods that i can have that aren't too high in salt etc?

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Congratulations Emily!

My doctor gave me a great tip when I was panicking about what to eat. He said "Blue, your diet was healthy before, it got you pregnant, so maybe now is not the right time to be messing around with it". !! Classic!! Seriously though, I'm pretty healthy, but got the morning sickness at seven weeks to the day and basically lived on water, isotonic sports drinks (no caffeine ones of course), plain biscuits and plain toast. I had never drunk or eaten these things before, but they did get me through a rough patch. After that, it was back to healthy eating all the way. I would definitely drinks lots of water. I really like the crunch of crudites and dips as a snack, you know celery, carrot, cucumber etc batons with a dip like hummus or guacamole. I like seeds and nuts too, look for unsalted ones with plenty of minerals and good fats in them, like brazils, almonds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. You can roast them yourself if you want with much less salt added. Pulses are a great source of protein, try bean salads and I love tuscan bean soup. Brown rice cakes are nice and I love salad, mine are getting weirder as I go along! Today was avocado, tomato, sprouted pulses and seeds with a lemon olive oil dressing. The NHS site is really informative about the basics of what, and what not, to eat nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy...

Have fun and enjoy x

For me I eat what I can coz the sickness meant I couldn't stomach any foods i normally liked, I think I lived in biscuits, bread and sausage rolls for about six weeks, I'm now 21 weeks and just starting to eat normal meals again as the sickness has nearly gone.

I take pregnacare vitamins ad Yakult to help and keep good bacteria in my tummy.

I Also seem to crave milk I drink two pints a day plus 2-3litres of water a day.

I am normally a very healthy person I work in the fitness industry and exercised regularly til about 4-5 weeks into my pregnancy wen I started geting sick now jacket potatoes chips and crisps are my staple diet n I cnt so much as run up the stairs without being sick I think if you can eat healthy then do if not then anything in is better than nothing I'm hoping to eat normally soon! Just do wot u can! X

I think green foods are good as they have frolic acid in. Broccoli etc. Try and eat fruit and veg as much as youcan stomach, but at the end of the day, just eat what you are able to x

I am almost 4 weeks pregnant i suffer from nausea bad and tiredness and hurt burn this is my first time having a baby so much i want to know like whats safe to eat and what to avoid

Ct10n2 in reply to Kerrchloe16

Hi Kerrchloe16, firstly congrats - we're about the same, I'm 6+4!! This is my 2nd child but my last pregnancy was ten years ago! Generally if you involve the various food groups & ensure you are taking your prenatal vitamin / folic acid, all will be fine! Avoid soft cheeses with rind like Brie, Camembert unless cooked or soft cheeses made from unpasteurised milk; inc oily fish, i.e. Fresh Salmon but limit to twice a week, avoid shellfish, shark & marlin - tinned tuna is fine however! Ensure eggs are cooked properly but you can find all of this out on various websites, as said on previous posts the NHS website is brill! In my previous pregnancy my diet was terrible as I ate what I fancied due to what I could face to avoid sickness, I ate to combat nausea, my daughter turned out beautiful & healthy & is by no means overweight, she has also been long & thin!! Good luck & don't stress too much

Like everyone has said basically just eat a balanced diet and make sure you're getting your 5 a day (more veg than fruit if you can). I've also been told to try and eat dairy with every meal (Cuz your own calcium with deplete as it goes to baby) so I've been having things like Greek yoghurt and fruit or cereal with milk (obviously!). Eggs are also a great source of calcium. There are certain stages when the baby will be doing a lot of brain development so I tried to eat a bit of salmon or other fish around then. To be honest I think I'm mostly a good eater but I've been so hungry I'm a big fan of carbs right now too!

Good luck!

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