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Opinions on nappies please!

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Ok, so not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but seen as we're all mums, or mums to be, I was wondering if anyone else is going down the real nappie route?

I'm definetly using washable nappies as I personally can't see the sense in buying something to throw away when I could buy the same and just wash them.

I was looking at 'itti bitti Bitti d'lish snap in one' nappies, which are a mouthful but look really clever. I was thinking of these as there is no folding, or outer wraps or anything confusing, it's literally a disposable nappie that you wash. With the option to buy extra inners.

So my question is, does anyone have any favourite washable nappies? Brands or styles? And also, realistically, how many should I get? Thanks for any helpanyone can offer! X

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I will be doing the resuable thing when Nipperette is a little older. I contacted The Nappy Lady ages ago (just google her), and her service is excellent. You tell her a bit about your circumstances and she recommends which ones are best for you. You don't have to buy from her - but I will be doing so when I do get some. As a direct answer to your question though, I think having seen her advice, that nappies made from bamboo look best - most absorbent and easily washed.

They do say that it's often best to wait until the baby is about 3 months old, and I will probably do this, Also, my friend has just had a baby and the ladies in her breastfeeding group often use disposables at night, to minimise leaks. One of the key things about disposables though, is that the experts say that if they leak, you're using the wrong size. Good luck, and I hope you find the right ones for you.

I've been thinking it about it quite seriously. I'm heading back to the UK to have the baby, but then will come back to Fiji where I work. There is no kind of waste management here, and I live in a really remote area so any waste is yours to get rid of the best you can, and the environmental impact of disposables there is really bothering me. I've been thinking about looking into it when I get to the uk as I will have to buy all I will need there and bring them back, but I don't really know how they work, and I think I'll just have a go while in the UK and see if it is manageable. Considering we have no hot water here, so no boil wash possible, and I know some advise tumble drying,but since we run on solar power, there's no way a tumble dryer is a possibility. Let me know if you find any useful sites or info on them.


Hi, I'm considering reusable nappies, but combining it with the free nappy

method where the baby doesnt wear nappies. Thought this might be a bit too 'hippie' but I've read up on it and it seems to make sense. It relies on reading signs from baby about when they need to go.

More info here:

nappyfreebaby.co.uk Rhibot, might work for you in Fiji?

I was going to reccommend getting a selection as different ma kes fit different styles of baby, then buy more when you decide! I would still get a range rather than sink eveything into one pot. I bought close nappies( the range Nct do) and they were great except by the time she was about 18 months they werent a great fit. Bamboo beats fleece of that make! I wouldnt worry about drying. line drying is the best outside but limited opportuny for that in uk!! I also lnow someone who did positive elimination successfully, you need a lot of time and not to be going back to work really. good luck!

Using them from birth is no problem - we actually used folded muslins on my premature baby until he was big enough to have our mixture of folded terry towels and fluffy shaped ones. All in one nappies have major drawback of taking ages to dry. If I bought everything from scratch again I would buy only flat terry towels (mega fast drying), bamboo liners and the usual plastic wraps (instead of bothering with shaped nappies). They are the cheapest and folding takes about 10 seconds at the most.


If you are considering shaped nappies-little lamb are brilliant.

all-in-one nappies take ages to dry as do bamboo.

look on ebay for a good bargain, you might be able to pick up a few of different kinds to see what suits you.

They can be used from birth-I know lots of poeple who have.


I was originally pretty skeptical about terry squares. My mam tried to talk me out of washables altogether, as she said she tried terry's on us but it was too much work and not as absorbent, so I shrugged off Terry's and only looked at all in one's or all in two's.

The itti bitti ones I was looking at are all in two's and they come apart with press studs for quicker drying. But after looking at some you tube videos of the nappy lady folding Terry's, I don't think it looks very difficult at all.

I'm beginning to lean towards lots of terry squares and a few all in two's for the grandparents who aren't very enthusiastic about my choice! Good thing I got my dad's stubbornness!

But I've still a while to go yet so I'll keep searching, thanks to everyone who's contributed so far to my research! X

Thanks in particular for the info on terry squares. I will have to look into these because, as you say, they are much, much cheaper than the all in ones and also seem to be more widely available. I will also give th

And to try again... I will also give the muslins a go after the Pampers I've bought run out!

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