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How is it for you?

I'm referring to the feelings/sensations of baby movements!

How would you describe it?

I find that it is the most amazing and magical feeling in the world and kind of bizarre. Especially when feeling a definitive movement from the baby the first time. I get a feeling of reassurance, I know baby is well and that makes me happy.

Now baby is getting bigger the sensations are more pronounced obviously. Naively I always assumed baby movements were pleasurable sensations, like a gentle prod and in honesty some of the movements are but frankly some are border lining on ouchy ouchy oucherson! Especially when I go to bed. She rolls over to get comfy I think and gives me such a hoof all over my belly that it is quite startling!

I'm not complaining mind you, i'd rather feel her than not but I'm very curious about how baby movements feel to you! Go on, let me have a peak in the window of your pregnancy... how is it for you? :)


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So I'm 21 weeks next week. I feel flutters, tiny pokes, and Isometimes baby must roll over coz I feel a pressure near my ribs. I have felt baby from the outside of my belly a few times but still mainly just an internal feeling if that makes sense!

Hubby felt it a couple of times.

Most activity is evenings and early mornings and today I ate a lot of chocolate I think the baby got hyperactive lol

But I love it and it reassures me too, only thing is sometimes when I don't feel baby I get worried and get my doppler out lol


Squiggly moves morning and nights too, get the worst when I go to bed and I'm sure she's just getting herself all comfy before bedtime, have had a few hoofs during the night when I've gone for the loo! :) Enjoy the flutters before you get some serious pokes etc! I get worried too if less movement, I don't have a doppler though, I know I'd have it on too much and get in a tizz! :) xxx


Just before my sixteen week appointment with the midwife I started to feel a fluttery sensation, (I thought it felt like a belly full bugs might feel!) By the time I was about eighteen weeks, I felt what I can only describe as a bubble rising (I was laid on my back, so from my insides to my belly button area) after eating, so I can only assume my little man enjoyed my food.

Soon after my bump really came into it's own and grew, which made the little kicks and prods more noticeable. Usually it's painless, sweet little hiccups where my belly twitches and I know he's in there and safe. Occasionally he's a little high or low with his aim and it's just plain uncomfortable, once even causing my to vomit (incredibly unusual for me) after eating, or making me desperate to for the loo in seconds!

But like you say, i'd rather feel him than not. My mam and sister are addicted to feeling him, but it was only last night my partner felt him for sure, I like to tell him that his touch must be calming for baby as he always stops when he tries to feel.

At twenty four and a half weeks now, he's becoming a menace already waking me in the night to get himself comfy, but i suppose that I better get used to not sleeping well!



I have lots of family members touching my belly, mostly I quite like it, it's really cute, especially if Squiggly moves for them otherwise she goes all quiet until it's just her and me and then she'll hoof me up proper! :) Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! :) x


When I was expecting my son in 2010, I remember after about 35weeks it felt like he was doing star-jumps in there! I could be sitting on the settee talking to someone when suddenly I would have to shoot out of my seat and streighten my body, it felt like he was at full stretch from under my ribs to my pelvis, with me in the sitting position he didn't have the room to stretch, it would make me yell out as it was sore, but funny too to anyone watching. :) I am currently 29weeks with this pregnancy so it's comfortable little kicks and movements so far. :)


Heh heh! I pictured you sitting and unexpectedly leaping up! It is quite sore some of the movements! I'm 30 +4 so I guess star jumps will happen soon. I know what you mean, sometimes I have to get up to accommodate whatever it is she is trying to stretch fully! Bedtime is the most fascinating! Major hoof! x


I didn't feel anything until I was about 22 weeks, then it was little flutterings. I'm now about to turn 31 weeks and it's more like being hoofed in the ribs! When he rolls over my whole tummy ripples - I can see it moving under my clothes :o) It has been a bit painful at times, especially when it's right up under my ribs. And a new delight is him poking me in the bladder. But I'm happy to take all the prodding and wriggling because I know he's active and healthy. And I only have 9 weeks to go now :o)


I turn 31 weeks this Friday, we perhaps have due dates near together. I'm due April 19th, what about you? I see tummy ripples, rather enjoy pretending I'm auditioning for Alien films when I see a particularly prominent belly ripple! :) I'm similar too in that I say bring it on baby with the movements, defo want to feel them than not! Exciting... not long till squeezy time! :) x


I'm due April 18th! Already started my countdown for work and until B-day. And totally agree it's like a scene from Alien :o)


Heh heh! I love all your responses! What a fascination baby movements are! My little squiggly has been doing all sorts inside me today and it's very ouchy at times but welcomed nevertheless! I'm so excited! Wahoooooo to bubbly, fizzing, skin rippling, jump out of your chair baby hoofings! :) xxx


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