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anyone else able to relate?

got my 20 week scan Wednesday(6th) there and had to go to a consultant on Friday(8th) as they found a problem next to the heart turned out my baby has a hole in its right lung so we have to get referred to Glasgow Southern General Hospital on Valentines day has anyone had this problem before and how did you cope with it? I am trying to stay strong and not to worry but its so hard

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Hello, I am so sorry that things are not just simple for you. I haven't been through the same - can only relate as had very hard pregnancy last time and was worried all the time. It's ok to worry. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Take each day, one at a time and tick each week off as a victory xx


this is my first pregnancy and I wish it was a straight forward easy pregnancy but I guess not but thank you for the advice I will keep posted :) xx


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