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I know... I know.... I've asked this question before but after having found the courage to approach staff in both Mothercare and Mama's & Papa's for help choosing a travel system to meet my needs both were appalling in offering any advice. They were not interested in giving good customer service so I thought I'd ask one last time because I'm definitely going to be buying online without being able to trial one in a store.

I'm looking for something:

that will last Squiggly from newborn till she's 2 - 3 years old.

that has a car seat thingy attachment

suitable for town and off road (ie woods, gravel, snow)

adjustable handle bars

Under £450

compact enough to fit in a corsa boot!

I promise this is the last time I ask about travel systems!

Thanks in advance for any help!


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  • Hiya I just bought one from kiddiecare was £400 I it it in the sale £215. I went for the one with the best reviews.

  • Oh and re one I got has all the above you mentioned :)

  • Skyblueboston, which model did you go for? I'm looking on their site now and just so overwhelmed by all the bits and pieces! I wish there was an option to state requirements and then be offered a selection to peruse! :)

  • O baby zezu

  • It has I thought the best reviews, plus I have it now and it's great! Lightweight and easy to fold up and down

  • I'll have a good look through the details now! Thanks for getting back to me. :) x

  • Hiya we went with the hauck Apollo travel everything you need and was £349 x

  • Thanks loopy_lou53, I'll check it out! :)

  • I also bought a Hauck Apollo - got it in the sale at Kiddicare so it was only £280. We went to Kiddicare and tried it out - was really light weight, folds down really small and the car seat and travel are reallt easy to get on and off.

    Plus if you sign up to KidStart and order it through there (or register a credit/debit card which you then buy the travel system on) you can get cash back fr your baby :o)

  • You should try john lewis. Their customer service is brilliant and they have a good selection.

  • I'll give JL a go, they tend to have very expensive products though... might be able to find the same item on line cheaper I suppose! They are great with customer service, you're right! :) I couldn't believe how lack lustre Mothercare and Mama's & Papa's staff were in store.

  • Their prices are no more expensive than anywhere else and they price match. Really helpful to me when i bought mine. They even carried the display model to my car to try in the boot before i purchased

  • The petite star klassic travel system is fantastic and at a great price too, £208.99 x

  • Thanks for the suggestion! :) I'll have a little look at that one too! Price is very tempting! :)

  • I agree go to John Lewis, very helpful and no pressure to purchase but may help you choose. I found it mind boggling, good luck!

  • It is mind boggling, too much choice for definite, can't see the woods for the trees! :)

  • go and test one of the models out just to see if you like the feel of it. never buy online sight unseen (I am a procurement manager and buying sight unsees causes HUGE problems in contracts) there is no obligation to buy in any store and if you feel you aren't getting the service you need, complain. other customers may feel the same way but nothing will change unless you speak up!

    we bought ours from Mamas and Papas outlet. it has a car seat, pushchair and carry cot attachment but it is quite bulky. they had some really nice less chunky ones though.

    good luck

  • Thank you for your reply tigernoodles. It's a toughie, I've been looking for a travel system for months, going into the stores and feeling overwhelmed by the choice and the prices. I spoke to the staff in two different stores who were unable to advise me on getting something appropriate for my needs. I do complain but get a wonderfully generic reply, ultimately I'm not motivated to return to the store.

    I understand what you're saying about never buying online unseen and for some items I would agree wholeheartedly but I have bought things on the advice of any sales staff I've spoken too over the phone and been happy. I'll keep looking and bare in mind what you have said! :)

  • I have the hauck Apollo 4 travel system, when folded it is a little bulky around the wheels, i would look online at the size measurements. I think my mum had a corsa and it wouldn't go into the boot. Also when my lb was around 18 months the back started to give way. But i kept it has the carrycot is good to use , has i am currently 31 weeks with my third child. I know you wanted good reviews but i noticed somebody mentioned his buggy so thought i would say my opinion of it.

  • I like honest reviews and I appreciate your opinion immysarch! Thank you! :)

  • I had almost decided to buy the Hauck Malibu travel system until I tried it in a shop. It was not too big and easy to push, even around corners, so I was impressed at first. But then I noticed that both the car seat and the carry cot were sitting quite loosely and were so shaky on the frame and you could rock them back and forth. The salesperson said this was normal as long as there was no baby sitting in it, but it seemed to me this might be a safety issue. So I have too keep looking and will try John Lewis, mothercare and Mamas and Papas next. Kaleidoscope, when you have found something, I'd appreciate if you shared what you bought!

  • I had the same problem, I have a new shape corsa and the boot is tiny, u really need to go shop and take them out to ur car I spent hours in mothercare and couldn't get one to fit in my boot was close to tears, I ended up at wee local shop n got a brand called Jane, rider travel system, I was £650 but that includes car seat but think online have a sale now but it fits in car with wheels on and the reviews are amazing for safety ect due to boot size I found that it was the more expensive brands only that would fit my stupid boot,

  • I went to Kiddicare and they couldn't have been more helpful. We eventually went for Maxi Cosi which was about £600 all in, but they have an amazing range. And if you go through, you get 5% cash back which is helpful.

  • I went into mamas and papas, mothercare and toys r us yesterday and tried three systems/ buggies that I thought would fit in my car. I have a peoguet 107 and the boot measures 102cm/32/64 which is ridiculously tiny. The staff in every shop were really helpful and took the buggies out to my car to trynthem even though it was chucking it down with rain. I think I have decided in the mamas and papa Luna for £159 which fits in with foot muff and without having to take any wheels off. It feels quite study and enclosed and you can put their car seat ( £120)onto it with adapters to turn it into a travel system, although I'm not sure whether to do this or have a permanent car seat as taking the seat in and out with 2 doors will be a nightmare unless lo goes in the front until old enough to face forwards. I am going to kiddicare too but so far quite taken with the Luna.

  • I've also found out that you can get a carry cot to fit £70 form m&p and around £20 on eBay, and that maxi cosi seats also fit. With a second hand carry cot, which I guess won't be used for long anyway, that makes it a pretty fab travel system. I'm even more sold now, and most of the reviews are very good.

  • Thanks so much everyone for your experiences and advice. I went into John Lewis today with my mum in tow! The staff were very helpful (at last!). I am seduced by Uppababy, iCandy and Quinny. It is above what I can afford. The Uppababy is what I've come home thinking about and imagining myself using. I can't find anywhere... yet... on line that sells it cheaper than store prices... eek! I can't find good prices on iCandy either but some bargains with Quinny. I still feel so very overwhelmed with all the possible options. I went to a different mothercare than the other day and had a very different experience but noticed that their range was narrow and mainly their own brand. Some good deals but didn't like the look or feel of the travel system I saw.

    The search continues! :)

  • i was also seduced by the uppa baby vista too! i got mine off ebay in the end as the couple bought it but didnt fit what they wanted.... they had only used the frame for three weeks! so i got abit of a bargain. i'm still waiting to use it but i have found it a little stiff to fold but again hopefully once im doing every day it should be alot easier.we found out that because it is an imported brand they do not discount it to reatailers so its not something you'll find on sale! but it is a nice pram and very impressed so far.

  • Well... i went back to John Lewis and I had a lovely lady give me her undivided attention. I ruled out iCandy. With all the components I would like (carry cot, car seat and buggy part it would have cost me £900 or more. They had a deal with last years version of the Quinny Buzz but all added up together it was perhaps £100 cheaper than Uppababy. My sister is offering to help with the cost and my father had offered to help with something too.

    We made sure that the car seat (maxi cosi) fitted in the back ok which it did and it was reduced so I bought that. The uppababy just about fitted into the small car I will be using. So I texted my family to see if they would be able to split the cost of my dream travel system which will allow me the long walks I so desperately need to be doing.

    Uppababy it is! :)

    Expensive and I would never have afforded it without the generosity of my family! I am feeling very appreciative toward my family pulling together for me. I may be a less than well off self employed woman but I'm rich in so many other ways.

  • Glad to hear you have decided on the uppa baby, it is a lovely system which swayed it for me. Enjoy important also pleased you've found a way to get it too. Family willing to help can be more valuable then any amount of money.

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