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I cant sleep!!! : (

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with sleeping in the 1st trimester? Im currently 9 + 3 Weeks and even though im very tired/ exhausted I just cant sleep. Its not really the toilet trips that bother me I find I can go back to sleep after them but keep waking up so often. Im finding this difficult with going to work full time and wanting to have an afternoon nap and obviously can't : (. Has anyone got any tips on keeping asleep? Im over the moon about being pregnant and have no worries at all I just dont understand. Perhaps its just the hormones?? xxxx

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Snap! I'm twenty weeks now, and I have never had a full nights sleep since. It's definitely hormonal, along with normal stresses of everyday life. If u can have a power nap when u get home or see if u can change your working hours.



I am so with you on this one, since 5+ weeks I have been up for the loo in the wee hours at least once, sometimes its so painfully full and then sometimes struggle to get back off to sleep again, some nights I have not gone back to sleep, I find myself on the sofa for a while watching TV and then and when sufficently tired will put my head down again. I am also starving hungry some nights so keep some snacks next to the bed, it is not uncommon for me to have a banana or a yoguart at 4am.

I too work full time with a 2 hour commute and the fatigue in the afternoons can have me walking around like a zombie, I have not told everyone at work that I am preggers so its hard to be on the ball and act normal as I don't want to go public until 12 weeks scan. I get home for dinner and am asleep on the sofa by 9pm some evenings.

I am now 8wk2d and I have found that the past week the bladder is a little more forgiving and not so uncomfortable when I wake and have become accustomed to the loo breaks in the night by just accepting it and not worrying about it, my partner is being very supportive and despite him also having to accept my waking him in the night, tries to help me by doing the chores when he gets in from work so that I may rest and this down time helps overall, I would say I feel less tired then I did a week or so ago despite the sleep deprevation so I wonder if my body is getting used to the hormones now.

I am just thankful for the moment that I am not suffering from Morning Sickness.

I also find sleeping on my left side or back more comfortable then my right, are you finding some positions more comfortable? X


Looks like there are lots of us going through it eh lol. Cheeky monkey I'm finding sleeping on my left and back ( sometimes ) the best. I even keep a pillow between my legs to make me more comfortable as I get night sweats from time to time. I'm not really having problems with morning sickness either, I had a scan earlier on in the week due to a light bleed And the consultant said that from our stage in pregnancy it is normal for some of the symptoms to fade a bit so she put me more at ease!! One thing I have started noticing is the swelling of my stomach it's starting to majorly change shape so won't be long till I start showing properly ( I'm expecting twins so look like I'm further on than I actually am, think people are noticing the weight change on my stomach no matter how hard I try to hide it! Xx


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