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Has anyone tried HypnoBirthing?

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and am beginning to think more seriously about giving birth for the second time around. The first was traumatic and I don't want to go through that again, so have been looking at alternative methods of natural childbirth.

I've heard a little about HypnoBirthing, but wondered if anyone could tell me more. I've come across the Hypnobirthing Association - thehypnobirthingassociation... - but wanted to find out from mothers who'd gone through it themselves.



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I've done a hypnobirthing course and am 39+1 with my first child - so obviously no experience of how it's actually going to work. However, the course was extremely liberating, and has totally eliminated any fears or apprehension I had about birth. The techniques 'made sense' to me, i.e. the things they were advocating seemed logical, e.g. don't push, but breathe your baby down. This made sense because the very act of pushing seems to me to tense up a lot of the internal muscles, which can't be very efficient for childbirth.

My partner also found the course extremely interesting and informative and although he was quite sceptical at first, said that he was really pleased we'd done the course because it has prepared us really well and shown us that there is an alternative to the dramatic, medicalised ordeals most people think of when they think of childbirth.

Even if I'm unable to practice hypnobirthing for the actual delivery, for whatever reason, I feel very confident that it will give me the skills to stay calm and in control for labour etc.

So my admittedly untested-as-yet recommendation would be to give it a go.

Good luck with your second!


Thanks Stowsettler. Well, I've now done a HypnoBirthing course - with Katharine Graves - and it was amazing. Like you said, it was extremely liberating. I particularly liked the change in how we use language - eliminating negative words to make this a positive experience. And yes, totally logical!!!

Like you, my husband was sceptical, but anything to keep his pregnant wife happy, he came along and was impressed. I do feel more confident now and can't wait until June!

I hope your birthing went well too - please do let me know how you got on, as it would be fantastic to hear from you.


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