Can anyone shed any light on my worries???

Hi everyone, totally confused!!!! Did a clear blue pregnancy test on Jan 19th which was positive 1-2 weeks. Started showing dark brown/dark red blood yesterday very very light shows.Rang my midwife and went to the early Pregnancy clinic today as bleeding is like a light period with tiny clots, i am in no pain really, just light "period "pains. Had a scan which showed a sac, and a positive pregnancy test, had blood tests done and have to go back in 48 hrs for results and repeat blood test for hormone levels. My first date of last period was 19/12/12 but did not have intercourse with my husband until 29/12 as he is away in the RAF so bit confused as dates say 7.5 weeks but i think i am more 5.5 weeks!! Feeling anxious and scared, i am 36yrs old and this is my first pregnancy! xx


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  • Hi there, I hope all goes well. I had bleeding right thro my last pregnancy and had a healthy baby, I think if u were 7 n half weeks u would c more than sac. 5 weeks sounds rite and u would only c sac then. It takes a few days I'm sure for hormone levels to drop that's why u hav to go bak in 48hours. Il keep u in my thoughts and prayers n hope all goes well. I'm 36 too and 7 weeks pregnant with my 2nd. It's a worry for the whole 9month. X

  • Hi Angela36

    Thankyou for your messgage. I have rang the E.P Clinic and the Dr is ringng me back with the results of my blood tests this afternoon, i hope!! Feeling sick with nerves, i just need to know everything is ok, i am a born worrier. It does feel like i am having a light period, the bleeding is slightly heavier than earlier today with small clots but not as heavy as my normal period!!. What sort of bleeding did you experience with your first pregnancy?? Thankyou for your kind words and prayers and congratulations on your second pregnancy xx

  • The dates are calculated from your last period. That's why there is the 2 week difference in the dates. Good luck

  • Thanks EMMA74021

    That's why i think i am 5.5 weeks not 7.5 and can only see a sac on my scan! Thanks for your message x

  • Hi happy lady, my bleeding was like spotting, sum times heavier than others. I also carry group b strep which I will carry in this pregnancy to. That made me hav thick browny coloured discharge. Please let me know how u get on with results. Fingers crossed. R u from Glasgow x

  • Hi Angela36

    Did you have that all through your pregnancy? you must have been very worried. My friend also had group step b with her two boys and had discharge with both pregnancies, she gave birth on jan 28th 2013 to her second boy. I am from Bristol. Yes i will let you know when i get the results x

  • Yeah huny, had it rite thro my pregnancy. I was worried and still worrying now with this bambino. X hope u get on jus fine

  • Hey,

    i just looked at your dates and according to your LMP on 19/12/12 your pregnancy is 7 weeks today, however conception does not occur at this time and your mini me would therefore only be around the 5 weeks mark. You say you are having your hormones checked again, have they booked you another scan?

    I am 8wks3d with my 3rd pregnancy, I do not have any children as I have lost both of my previous in the 1st trimester so i am no stranger to this period of uncertainty and anxiety X

  • At six weeks u will see a heartbeat, so five weeks will be a sac and fetal pole.

    In 48 hours thy will be looking for your hcg levels to double, if they do then all is well.

    A lot of women have light bleeding in early pregnancy, can be due to implantation, or around the time you period would have been due.

    Good luck x

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