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19 and pregnant.. Need help!

Hi all, I am 19, just found out I am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first child. I was told by GPs that I couldnt concieve and the only way was through IVF/Surrogacy.. So I am extremely happy. I am at uni in my first year, still with my partner of 4 years. Obviously i am going to need some financial help but I have NO idea what help is out there! I know about the Maternity allowance (i work 10 hrs per week)

but can anyone help me!? much appreciated.

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Congrats to u huny, very best of luck. U could contact citizens advice or check it out online on the local council website for we're u live. I know if u r working u can get workin tax credit for u child but u need to work 16hours. U will get child benefit at 20 pound a week. U can also claim child tax credit. X


Congratulations - there should be councilors at uni who will be able to advise you on such things - try the student union they should know where to get advice. Also yes citizens advice, website covers a lot of benefits too. Good luck


Hi Beth123,

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy!

We have some information on the NCT website about family finances, what benefits you are entitled to and where to look for help. Have a read of this article:

There are more articles here that might be useful:

Hope this helps - and do keep us updated on how everything is going :)

Best wishes,

Alice x


Congrats Hun, my sister in law just qualified from uni she managed to finish her nursing degree and had 8 weeks off, she had to catch up on placements but its achievable, good advice from NCT citizens advice local councils and first point of contact your university as they may have allowances to help you. Hope all goes. Well.


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