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early pregnancy symptoms??

hi, I found out last week i am pregnant the clear blue test indicated i am 1-2 weeks according to the instructions you add 2 weeks on from the first day of you last period, basically can anyone shed a bit of light on this, i came off the pill after my bf and i agreed that we wanted to start trying , with the thought of being living together down south by time it happen, i have literally had 1 period since coming off the pill so it happened extremely quickly, i am 24 and my boyfriend is 19 and away most of the time in the army. I am over the moon to be pregnant and so is my boyfriend but i am a nervous wreck, i have slight pains in my tummy, and a milky discharge (so far no pink or red colour) I have no idea what i am suppost to be doing, i havent got an appointment for 2 weeks yet and i am a nervous wreck, i cant stop going to the toilet to check im not bleeding im not sleeping and i keep ringing the doctors and the slight pains (although i had one quite sharp one last night) can anyone tell me if the symptoms i have so far are normal. i am extremely over whelmed and i am crying an awful lot, last year my best friend, my sister in law and my cousin all had miscarriages and i cant get this out of my head. I am a wreck now the time is here i really just want everything to be ok

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I have had. Misscarriage at 7.5 weeks. I'm now 20 weeks :)

Symptoms that give u a clue that something MIGHT be wrong are:

Spotting or bleeding although U may spot and nothing will be wrong

Very painful cramps, not niggles but really painful

All symptoms disappear, although for me mine come and go and vary week to week

Shoulder pain and pain in lower abdomen

In pregnancy you will experience cramps, being bloated, your sleep might be lighter.

I understand your anxiety I was very nervous this time, but getting more positive as the weeks go on, what helped me was booking private scans, this kept me going and gave me hope.

Start taking your vitamins a brilliant brand is pregnacare and has everything u and baby need.

Cut out caffeine or reduce your intake, don't eat under cooked meat,drink lots of water and generally try and really look after yourself.

I take baby asprin everyday as it has been proven to reduce miscarriage and prevent placenta problems, this was recommended by my doctor also my sister just ad a baby and she was advised to take this throughout pregnancy.

Listen to some zen music and try to chill out.

Take care xx


Hi I am exactly the same this is my 3rd pregnancy aswell I think everybody worries within 1st 12 weeks I had my last period on 27th nov and took a test on 28th dec and 10th jan both negative now 28tj jan was positive so now I'm confused how far along I am..


Skyblueboston-thankyou so much,can i ask how much private scans cost and how far along do you need to be to have one?

daniellelex-its a mysterious one, when i consulted my docs i couldnt pin point the exact day of the first day of my last period, i am a complete novice at this but i would contact your midwife and explain your situation maybe they can arrange an early pregnancy scan, i know my cousin (not the one mentioned earlier) had a few complications and she was able to have a scan from 6 weeks


I use a company called ultra baby a reassurance scan is £75, try and hold out till seven weeks coz then u will see the little heartbeat x


Hi Flossy 1688. OK first of all - CONGRATULATIONS !! Now, calm down and take a big breath! Stress is not good for you or the baby, so listen to some relaxing music, watch something funny - take your mind of it as much as you can - which know is easier to say than do.

The adding 2 weeks thing... basically doctors count your pregnancy from the first day of your last period, but because the actual conception doesn't happen until after that (often around 10 days - 2 weeks on a "normal" cycle length), they are counting two weeks where you wouldn't really say you were pregnant. So if the test is saying 2 weeks from conception, the doctors will call it 4 weeks based on period dates.

The symptoms - yes I've had all sorts of weird twinges and things. but they come and go quite quickly, certainly not constant pain. Last night I sneezed unexpectedly and yelled so loud afterwards I even woke hubby up (nothing wakes hubby up!) - thought I'd dislocated a hip or something!! 5 minutes later all back to normal. Your hormones start changing straight away and it effects you in many ways. If there's no bleeding, it's always a good sign.

Take some antenatal vitamins that include folic acid, take it nice and easy - no bungee jumping this weekend, but most things you normally would do are fine (other than booze, fags, and too much caffeine). Have a look online about foods to avoid, it's mostly things like raw fish and meats, pate and raw eggs. If you look things like that up it might help you feel like you are doing something more positive and help you stop worrying.

I miscarried last year - it was very painful cramps and a lot of bleeding, much worse than period pain cramps, and it didn't let up. If a scan will set your mind at rest, then go ahead, but beware of having it too soon, if you are only 2 (4) weeks, they will really struggle to see anything apart from maybe a thickening uterus, and that can make you worry more not less. So try and give it a bit longer.

Good luck, I'm sure everything will be fine. Congratulations again :-)


I've had 4 miscarriages and all of them have been different. Some very painful one wasn't painful at all.

I'm now the proud mummy of a 12 week old and believe me i was terrified thro the entire pregnancy however what you're describing sounds exactly the same as what i was experiencing so please stop worrying! I spent most of the first 12 weeks of pregnancy checking for bleeding, even bought a heart monitor after my 12 week scan so i could hear the heartbeat myslf.

Definitely start taking pregnacare supplements and folic acid immediately as they give you and baby everything you need and chill out, put ya feet up and enjoy your pregnancy! You'll have no time to relax after the little one is born!


Also milky discharge is completely normal and you will probably experience it thro entire pregnancy!


Basicly your 4weeks.. Don't go by your periods lol my test said 1-2weeks.. When I had babys measurements done 4weeks later they said I was 6weeks which was exactly right with the test .. If I went by periods I'd be 2weeks more than I am


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