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A word to the wise.....please read all expectant mummies

The weekend just gone, I started to notice I was passing a lot of urine very frequently maybe four times an hour.

Also I had very sharp vaginal shooting pains on and off the whole weekend, plus Monday, they got better when resting for a while then would continue.

I also had back pain I could not stand for long, maybe five minutes, the pain was waist high.

I'm twenty weeks so today I went to he maternity assessment unit after speaking to the midwife

I thought the pain was growing pain or baby kicking my cervix!

I was wrong and others too!

I have a kidney infection, which if I had left untreated would have sent me into labour, hence the pains i was getting.

I'm now on strong antibiotics, if I'm no better by Thursday they will put me on a drip, but personally I'm already feeling better:)

I just wanted to tell everyone that if u feel something is just not right, then don't hesitate to get checked out

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Thank goodness you trusted your instincts. Good advice you gave too! Get well soon skyblueboston! x


Poor girl! Thank you for sharing this story. That's what my doctor and midwife keep telling me: As soon as you notice something is wrong, don't hesitate to call. Most of the time, there is nothing seriously wrong, but sometimes you need treatment as soon as possible - like in your case. Get well soon, and take care!


Wow so good you got it checked. I miscarried last year when I got septicemia from a kidney infection I didn't know I had so they can be very bad news, and it's so good that you are sharing the warning for everyone. I'm sure they will get on top of it with the antibiotics very quickly now they are aware. take care.


Oh Hon. I am so sorry to hear that - I am happy you checked on time and this information would help a lot of us indeed.

Much love and take care of yourself !


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