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Help! Severe back pain - anyone else suffering?

Hello ladies, currently in week 23 of pregnancy and finding working long hours sitting on my computer chair at work a problem! My back is killing me, I feel it's only going to get worse! Work say there isn't much they can do about really... Is there any suggestions anyone can give?

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I suffer with bad hip and back pain, I cannot sit in one position for hours, so I take emulate fifteen minute breaks, I go for a short walk that does help.

Try. Heat compress on your back this helps me a lot.

Maybe see if u can get physio on your back and maybe a pelvic support belt.

Work should fit u with. New suitable chair, put your concern in writing to h.r. They have to be seen to be making an effort for u to stay at work otherwise this could be sen as discrimination. Has a workplace health and safety report been done?

Last resort get signed off work sick.


Thank you, it's hard in my job as I'm a receptionist and sit for long hours at my desk in one position, it's hard to get up every 15 min as the phones are always so busy, I will try a heat pack and i'm going to bring a pillow in to work, They have done an assesment but it wasn't that great, nothing much come from it!

I'm starting to think that maybe the only option, I only really get it badly when i'm at work! may need to take some time off!


Hiya - am same number of weeks as you and my back's just started giving me trouble. I have to bend down a lot as I work with young children. I have thought of you ladies in offices and thought that must be very painful. Good luck and I hope you can find ways of easing it a bit x


Also try a foot stool, so your legs are raised, might help a bit x


I had sever back pain wen I just got pregnant, it was so bad I was refered

To physiotherapy, though that didn't help much but it's sort of taken care of its self over the months. but I did get an heated back patch, pillows to support my back, try not to sit for toolong, stand for too long or lay for to long.


And sometimes it's the position of the baby, I always have mine bak to bak which add extra pressure to my back, if that's the case then there's nothing really can be done


I too have suffered with back pain since around 20 weeks (I am now 31 - scary to say!). So bad that it can make me feel sick as I am in so much pain - the thing that triggered it off was sitting at the cinema.

I have got work to provide me with a back support which has helped for the duration that I am sat down as it can be moved to provide support where I want it. It was a cheap one but it does the job - see if they will provide you with a specific designed back support rather than a cushion.

I also find that a wedge under the bump or between the legs when lying on the side can help at night and also if lying on your back extra pillows to prop yourself up also relieves the pain when in bed. Infact even just putting some of the duvet under my bump helps me.


I had severe back pain that was made worse by sitting at my desk. I changed the lumbar support height on my chair and took in a cushion, which helped a lot. Luckily my work sent me for some physio. The therapist advised to put a hot water bottle on the sore bits for 20 minutes then do some gentle stretches - twisting shoulders side to side, and bending side to side (so your hands run down your legs). They said to do this 3 times a day and it really helped.

It was also a bit sore in the mornings so I got a pregnancy pillow (that I call George!) and he helped a lot. I did use two normal pillows but they always ended up on the floor...

I hope you find something that works for you. Google pregnancy back strengthening exercises and give some a gentle try.

Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon xxxx


Hi there, try having a look at the advice on the website below. My advice would be to find a local osteopath as it can be hugely beneficial with aches and pains during pregnancy, the treatment will be quite different from physio in case you have tried this before and had no relief. Good luck, hope it helps:



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