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Tummy prob

Yesterday I had sore stomach like bloated ness. Tried takin paracetamol n lay on couch with water bottle. I'm not bleeding which is a good sign but I'm worried sum thing is wrong. I'm 6weeks pregnant and no symptoms apart from sore back. I never had any sickness with my last baby but that was 11 yrs ago. I've forgotten wat pregnancy is lol. I'm still up for toilet about 4 times during nite but not goin as much during day. I'm on antibios for uti. I jus hope all is ok. Any answers please

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I think the antibiotics will be causing the sore tummy, if u take them on an empty tummy they can inflame the stomach lining. Make sure u are drinking two litres of water a day.

Also if u feel cramps this is probably the uterus starting to stretch, I still get cramps and feel sore I'm 20 weeks now. I do not take paracetamol as I know what it is and would rather not, but that is personal choice.

As long as u have no bleeding there should be no problem, but once u have finished the anti biotics and still feeling pain let your gp know.